Thursday, September 1, 2016

33 42 52 58 74 104 | Tennessee over Appalachian St, 20-13 & Colin Kaepernick plays well after protest, September 1, 2016

33-points in the opener for college football, for Peyton Manning's Alma Mater?

Yes, I got the message.

Checkout Big T's QB's passing line.

192-yards?  Is this man NFL bound?

His name Dobbs also stands out.

Then what do my eyes see?

Oakland = 58
Huey P. Newton = 58 (Cam, 58th QB to start in a Super Bowl) (#58, Von Miller, MVP)
Nation of Islam = 58
Audubon Ballroom = 58 (Where Malcolm X was assassinated)Freemasonry = 58
Secret Society = 58

*A 58-yard drive means it started on the '42'...

Nigger = 42
February = 42
Brothers = 42
Boy = 42

Notice the 33 seconds.

Race War = 33
Masonry = 33
Secrecy = 33

Notice it again!

Black Lives = 33
Race War = 33
Masonry = 33
Secrecy = 33
Police = 33

California = 52 (Two California teams)
Prophecy = 52
*Tennessee = 52

San Diego = 74
Colin Kaepernick = 74
Black Panther Party = 74
White Supremacist = 74
Masonic = 74
Jewish = 74


  1. The score was 52 for tonight's game.
    Minnesota is hosting super bowl 52 and you said he might go to Vikings in a trade this year. Ummmmm

  2. Clearly the elite is behind his protest so hes gonna have a good year rather ges traded or not

  3. Clearly the elite is behind his protest so hes gonna have a good year rather ges traded or not

  4. Remember all the racist stories about Chip Kelly when he was with the,Eagles?
    Don't be surprised if kaepernick gets cut!

  5. at halftime I tried to tell these guys at BWW last night, UT super fans, that they were going to win the game. this was largely based off of the the fact that the Vols had 131 yards first half as well as both QB's donning #11. Butch Jones has some interesting gematria as well. kinda reminded me of App State going into the Big House a few years ago AFTER they won the FBS natty and UM was about a dumpster fire. plus, UT is back in that Nike endorsement flow. I expect them to win the SEC east.

    1. butch jones record was 10-31 when trailing at halftime ... now 11-31 ...also final score of game was 33 total points - not to mention the overtime came in at 13-13 tie ... so fixed - every yard scripted

    2. ALSO, IT WAS 9 years to the day of the infamous App state victory over Michigan - game yest being on 9/1

    3. oh woooooooow. no wonder the Giants/Pats game was stuck on 9-10 for ages. also, another observation from that game that was posted an another, unrelated post.

      check it:

      Giants/Patriots score is 10-6 Giants. they just punted to the Pats on 4th and 21 while the clock said 6:09 in the 3rd quarter.

      106, prophecy
      4th and 21, Prince's death date
      3rd quarter 6:09, Tesla and 3,6,9

  6. Chip= California highway patrol lol

    Was a great show!

  7. Just part of the ritual. Kaepernick exchanges his ok rep for a garbage one, everyone hates him, and in return he gets a good year. The NFL is so scripted.

  8. Teddy B. My purpose will not be denied-121

  9. 10 dead 60 injured

    10/6 day before election?

    Davao city sounds like Devils city

    Davao city=100
    Demonic being=100

  10. Tennessee is the SEC east favorite. I'm going with Georgia

    1. Dawgs have had their time in the SEC title game in recent years and shot themselves in the foot. think of LSU dismantling them 42-10 in 2011 en route to getting shut out by Bama and not even crossing the 50 yard line. Peyton is off into the sunset, the UT narrative lines up nicely.