Sunday, September 11, 2016

37 | Why Ezekiel Brook fought Triple G in his 37th fight ever, September 10, 2016

36-1, "361"

19x19 = 361

9/10/2016 = 9+1+0+2+0+1+6 = 19
9/10 = 9+10 = 19

GGG = 777

37 is a way of representing the number 777
G is the 7th letter
Triple G = GGG = 777
It is very clear now why the biggest fight of Kell Brook's life was his 37th fight.  Again, his name Ezekiel has a gematria of '37', and so does his age of 'thirty'.  Thus he was the perfect man to be defeated by Triple G, who is arguably the biggest star of the sport right now.

Anyhow, like I said, by the end of the fight either Triple G would have 33 KOs, or Kell Brook would have 26.  Not by surprise, the favorite, Triple G, now has '33', coming in a span of 156-days after his 34th birthday.

As for why Kell Brook forfeited in the fifth round, 'five' connects to 'Triple G'.


  1. You have to love that the only fighter to succesfully jump up to that weight and win was named Dick Tiger.

  2. Loads of 911 tributes in the Eagles/Browns game.
    Wentz #11 throws to #81 for TD.
    Wentz goes 10-19 (911 backwards) in first half.
    Cleveland score TD with 9:11 left in 2nd Q.
    Griffin has 118 yds +1 Int in first half also.
    118+1=119...911 backwards again!!

  3. lolol another missed extra point to end the Vikings game with 41 points...give me a break

    1. Hosting Super Bowl 52...
      Denny Green dead 52-days before today's game
      Tennessee = 52

  4. Total points in Eagles game, 39.
    Another 9/11 tribute.
    New York =39

  5. VIKINGS JUST BEAT Titans 25-16!! Super bowl =41 sum of 41 points!

  6. OVER/UNDER for colts game at 51 haha

    Should land smack on the number

  7. Replies
    1. Peyton wore #16 at Tenn who also won yesterday.

    2. Raiders score 2pt at 0:47 seconds lol

  8. All this 9/11 coding today. Fitting how the nfl starts their season on 9/11 when it happened 15 years ago and sb 51 is this season. This shit is sick.

  9. Lol these motherfuckers are sitting down on 9/11. I mean cmon.

  10. Kalen Ballage record 8 TDs
    Kalen Ballage=83 Simple

  11. @Darius
    The NFL season starts the following week after Labor Day. So now what's even more scary is that 9/11 was planned 33 years before it happened and still lined up with its anniversary. So with that in mind I wonder what happens 33 years after 9/11!