Monday, September 5, 2016

39 66 111 187 | The death of Phyllis Schlafly at age 92, September 5, 2016 (Election related)

The article mentions that the woman has been an advocate of Donald Trump...

Recall, Donald Trump's GOP Convention began 187-days before Inauguration Day.  It also became July 18, or 18/7.

George Washington, the "first" President.  Hillary Clinton, the first female?

This sacrifice was a woman, I'll have to think on that.

Notice the 'Eagle Forum' confirmed her death.  Doesn't that seem odd?

She was 56-years old in 1980, during the time of the 33rd Governor of California, Ronald Reagan.

President = 47/56/110

Let's examine the stats on Mrs. Schlafly.

Phyllis has died 21-days after her birthday.  Saturn = 21/30/93

8/15/1924 = 8+15+19+24 = 66 (Woman) (Empire)
8/15/1924 = 8+15+(1+9+2+4) = 39 (Old Testament) (Empire) (New York) 
8/15/1924 = 8+1+5+1+9+2+4 = 30 (Saturn)
8/15/24 = 8+15+24 = 57

9/5/2016 = 9+5+20+16 = 50 (America) (Donald)
9/5/2016 = 9+5+2+0+1+6 = 23 (Donald)
9/5/16 = 9+5+16 = 30 (Saturn)

The date of her death, September 5, can be written 5/9, a lot like 59.  Kill = 59

Phyllis = 7+8+7+3+3+9+1 = 38/47 (Death = 38) (President = 47)
McAlpin = 4+3+1+3+7+9+5 = 32
Schlafly = 1+3+8+3+1+6+3+7 = 32
Phyllis McAlpin Schlafly = 102/111 (New York = 111) (Hillary's campaign began on the 102nd day) (United States of America = 102)

Recall the connection to to Hillary Clinton and '102'.  Alex Jones and InfoWars also put out a story on her on April 12, the 102nd day of the year.  Read about Hillary and '102' here:

Phyllis = 16+8+25+12+12+9+19 = 101
McAlpin = 13+3+1+12+16+9+14 = 68
Schlafly = 19+3+8+12+1+6+12+25 = 86 (Symbol)
Phillis McAlpin Schlafly = 255

Notice her initials, PMS.  PMS, the anti-feminist?

Her place of death also connects to 'blood sacrifice'.

Her death comes 64-days before election day, and 137-days before Inauguration Day.

Oh, and there is also her husband Fred, which gives us another insight.


  1. Lol, an anti-feminist with the initials PMS.

  2. Some good posts while I was gone. Back from the Mountains. Fresh Air does a Man Good. What did I miss? I got burned on the Colin Kaepernick going to Minnesota. I'm going to get some serious shit tomorrow for it. Oh Well. Any chance to see what I had sent earlier. Please let me know if you don't understand what it is.

  3. Hi Zach - Florida state comes back to win from down 22 with 33 unanswered points tonight against Mississippi in Orlando Florida - Disney stadium ** plz document this

    1. They won by 11 - against ranked #11 Mississippi

    2. It also summed to a total of 79 points (Champion 79 O), 45+34=79. Will be interesting to see if this foreshadows a possible FSU championship game this year.

    3. Florida state QB threw 33 - 52 total passes * miss QB threw for 313 yards - scripted to the passes and yards exactly

    4. I was thinking Florida State in the championship, mostly because of the bus wreck that happened there pretty recently. Also, there were plane crashes is Alabama and Virginia the same day, both had 4 passengers and no survives, not that I expect a school from Virginia to be there.

  4. Check out my posts on the Super Bowl 51 and this weekends upsets, solidifying my work. You'll laugh, you'll cry it Will be great.
    SEPTEMBER 4TH Post #14 to #33 for Notre Dame
    You got it here first from I.U.

  5. Broncos vs Giants could be a possibility and I also think RG3 ends his career a bronco.
    I was thinking about the six teams Peyton was rooting for this season. The Lions are intriguing as well. They have a long SB drought, qb is from Texas , and manning also rooting for them.
    Let's keep an eye on this clue. FYI Lawrence Taylor arrested in palm beach county, yet another Giants story.

  6. Broncos would go for a record 9th SB.
    Back-to-back Super Bowl titles have only happened eight times in 50 years, and only one franchise — Pittsburgh — has done it twice. Broncos can tie that. Elway has lost back to back SB as a player but could also win back to back SB as an executive. Elway went to Stanford just like luck, maybe colts lose vs Broncos in playoffs. Talib (Texas)shot himself in the leg just like plaxico. P.Lynch is from Texas. Sanchez was sent Packing to Dallas. I am still working on this. Six teams are favored ahead of Broncos like manning rooting for six teams. Elway drafted by Baltimore Colts. Wisconsin beating LSU reminds me that Vikings lose to Packers this year. While Odell was on the sidelines. Still working on this, if anyone wants to add, please feel free.

    1. Wisconsin / LSU did feel like a Packers vs Vikings tribute now that u point that out ... Good observations and insights

    2. Elway connected by the "Knee injury"
      He missed 15 games (51 inverted) in 16 season and played his career with no ACL,it was done by the old standards. Elway had that infamous limp/lean/awkward stance. He was by far one of the best athletes during his playing time.

      Teddy bridgewater # 5 the same number of Super Bowl appearances by Elway and blown knee tribute.

      Kapernick #7 same as Elway " taking a knee for plede of allegiance ".

      Bradford #7 like Elway switched to #8 like kubiak 7+8=15 like 51. Knee injuries too.

      Elway was ceo/ owner of (C)olorado (C)rush =33

      Jersey retired 9/13/1(999) --------666

      Mike Shannahan ties to Elway , SF, Minnesota , Oklahoma,Washington (RG3) with the blown knee who will end up in Denver in the near future.

    3. Jack Elway Sr died 15 years 9months 21 days on Super Bowl Sunday 2017 (SB51)

    4. Packers play vikings in week 2. 'Grand' opening of their new facility in minneapolis. If you see my shit, which is in the Sept 4th post about 14 throwing to #33, both green bay and minneapolis are on 44th parallel. 44 is out of control in my shake up. But anyway..

    5. Wait Sunday football starts for most on 9-11.

      15 years to the date of 9-11 incident.

      51, maybe important.

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    1. Bleh... I'll try this one again lol...

      She used to be a regular guest on Agent Jones' show, pushing the whole "Reagan was hero" narrative bs.

  8. Eli's 13th season and siemiam changed numbers from #3 to #13.


  10. Let's take a quick look at the pitcher that the Astros just called up to replace their ace Dallas K today, Mr. David Paulino.

    Born: February 6, 1994 in Nizao, Peravia, Dominican Republic

    -He's 22 like his name David in ER.
    -Born in Nizao, Peravia which is 137 in EO (33rd prime).
    -Born on 2+6+19+94 which equals 121. It's the 112th World Series.
    -Paulino also equals 88, tying him into Trump.

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  11. Hahaha sorry... thought today was the 7th for a sec!

    Today, the date of his call up, 9+6+20+16=51 (conspiracy)

  12. FYI. There is another Christian rally being held later this month.

    The Gathering
    Gematria Jewish 370
    Gematria Reduction 68
    Gematria Summerian 732
    Gematria Ordinal 122
    Gematria English 590

    One vision, one voice, one agenda
    Gematria Jewish 2008
    Gematria Reduction 132
    Gematria Summerian 1656
    Gematria Ordinal 276
    Gematria English 1518

    Under God
    Gematria Jewish 390
    Gematria Reduction 43
    Gematria Summerian 528
    Gematria Ordinal 88
    Gematria English 520

    One vision, one voice, one agenda under God
    Gematria Jewish 2398
    Gematria Reduction 175
    Gematria Summerian 2184
    Gematria Ordinal 364
    Gematria English 2038

    September 21, 2016 is the 265th day with 101 remaining.

    9 + 2 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 21
    9 + 21 = 30 + (2 + 0 + 1 + 6) = 39
    9 + 21 + 20 + 16 = 66

    From July 16 (Fill the Mall) to September 21 is 68 days including the end date.

    Gateway Church
    700 Blessed Way
    Southlake, Texas 76092

    Southlake is a suburb of Dallas/Fort Worth.


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