Friday, September 16, 2016

42 74 88 144 | South Park's September 14, 2016 episode decoded (Hillary vs Trump, national anthem protest & sex war)

In the latest South Park, which aired September 14, 2016, 'Turd Sandwich' was the name given to Hillary Clinton.

In the plot of the episode, 'Giant Douche' realizes he cannot really become President, and therefore must find a way to lose to 'Turd Sandwich', or 'Hillary Clinton'.

For some reason they made the man who is supposed to be "Donald Trump", look like Bernie Sanders.  Notice his name, 'Garrison'.

Remember, the writers of South Park love gematria.  They are also Jewish.

The word 'assassin' also has gematria of '101'.  We've seen this one next to Trump an awful lot, especially when he made the headlines about 'Second Amendment People'.

This is the moment where he says "Turd Sandwich must win".

Throughout the episode, Cartman is suspected of being an online troll, turning women against men.  His suspected online handle is 'SkankHunt42'.

In the show, JJ Abrams is also asked to solve the problem with the National Anthem protests by re-writing the national anthem.  His solution is to change the way people honor the flag, by making the rule that you can either, "Sit, kneel or put your hand over your heart" to show respect.  In other words, no matter what you do, it will be considered a sign of respect.

There's a reason they went with JJ Abrams in light of the controversy that began with Colin Kaepernick, who is used in the same episode.

For the episode, they have the 49ers play against the Carolina Panthers, which is the real NFL matchup this week, Sunday, September 18, 2016.  Of the course the 49ers hosted the Panthers in the Super Bowl last year, which had a Black Panther Party salute.

Notice the '74s' front and center in this shot.

At the end of the episode, it is revealed who the divisive troll is, 'SkankHunt42'.  Notice it is Kyle's father, who is 'Jewish'.

And don't overlook that '88' on the dial.  881... 188.... Bavarian Illuminati = 188

The only question left, is when we take the world back, do we let the funny Zionists live?

The Jewish go by the 39-books in the Old Testament.

America = 129 (Jewish Gematria)


  1. Amazing work huge fan of South Park..

  2. I've heard that Israel and the ADL etc. hire people to get online to message boards, facebook comments, and other sites to defend the causes of zionism and sway public opinions. These online trolls are known as "Hasbara".

    1. It is true. Have you seen Mike Manning?

    2. "Hasbara" = 183
      "Order our of Chaos" = 183

  3. "Turd Sandwich Must Win" = 83, 101, 263

    "Bonesman" = 83
    "Order of the Skull and Bones" = 101
    "Order of the Skull and Bones" = 263

    I think they are saying....
    We got our 'Stooge' into the White House..its a done deal you fucking Morons.

  4. Nope, the funny ones die too. Unless they can tap dance. I like tap dancing monkeys.

  5. It's crazy how they put it right in public view man.. They no we won't do jack shit smfh

  6. I guess long as our food is processed in China an Monsanto's is contaminating everything an year around rigged sports to watch all is good... Sad maaaaan

  7. The original Douche and Turd episode was Season 8 episode 8 and the 119th episode overall lol. This new episode was the 268th episode, so 149 days later on 14/9 we get this one. The original also came out on Philadelphia's 322nd anniversary. PETA opposes their Cow Mascot for the 47th time so they have to vote on a new Mascot. The other thing about that episode is Stan finally breaks down and votes for the Turd Sandwich, but the Giant Douche still wins. Then at the end of the episode Puff Daddy kills all the PETA members so they stay as the Cows and Turd Sandwich and Giant Douche both lose. "Member Berries"=60 Mr Garrison=60 Caitlyn Jenner=60

    1. I mean 149 episodes later not days.

    2. nice. I was immediately reminded of the school mascot episode this new one originated from.

    3. Yes me too. I was gonna make a post on it but Zach Pretty much covered everything and more of what I noticed. I know there are a few more episodes that involve the douche and turd but not what the whole episode is about. Been trying to find them episodes as well.

  8. That #74 is the jersey of Mike Remmers

    Mike remmers" in the English Gematria system equals 444

  9. Cows vs Sabres.
    That's a lot like Cowboys vs Bills.
    2001 is his house number.