Saturday, September 17, 2016

52 101 | Why Democrats are anxious, September 17, 2016 reporting

52 days, eh?  Reminds me that the DNC was in Philly, the city of 'prophecy'.

43+41 = 84
The divisors of '44' sum to '84'.

It isn't hard to see the bullshit when you know your numbers.


  1. Zack,

    Sorry who wins tonight's PPV boxing match. CANELO VS LIAM

  2. I'm from nj and all i hear is football football football no one seems to give fuc the About is the selection nearing fast b4 u no Hillary will be ordering mass destruction an all the replies are is who is gonna win smmfh wake da fuc up

  3. Anxious Democrats--201, 1206

    Anxious Politicians- -230, 1081

    Nerves on Edge--133, 1031

  4. Ohio isn't yellow it's red. Trump is four points ahead and that's an understatement. CNN lies again.