Monday, September 19, 2016

66 88 111 | Captured, New York trash can bomber said to be Ahmad Khan Rahami, September 19, 2016

Notice how the name of the suspect connects with New York perfectly.

His name the small way also connects to 'Empire', for 'Empire State', NYC.

Remember, if you sum 1-11, it totals 66.  New York is the 11th State.

1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11 = 66

As for today's headlines, they connect back to 'chaos'.  Again, the Freemasons work with the philosophy of order out of chaos.  Today's date, September 19 can be written 19/9.  The number 199 is the 46th prime.  Chaos = 46

Notice that he was 'CAPTURED' in 'ELIZABETH'.

The purpose of this news is to poison and program.

The purpose of this news is to confuse you with who your real enemy is.

Remember, the bomb went off on '23rd' in New York.  They reported the bomb went off at about 8:30.  Again, 83 is the 23rd prime.  '23' also connects to NYPD, the people who really set and detonated the bomb.


  1. Name also equals 232 in Jewish Gematria = Satan

    1. Also don't forget police labelled him Ahmad and dangerous.. You couldn't make this shit up...

  2. CAPTURED=88
    Elizabeth=88 like Elizabeth NJ where some explosives were supposedly found!

  3. "Captured" = 88 = "Poison" = 88 = "Program" = 88 = "Trump

    "Chaos" = 152 = "Superbowl LI"

    "Witchcraft" = 111 = "New York" = 111 = "Ahmad Khan Rahami"

    "Ahmad Khan Rahami" = 232 = "Satan"
    "Two Hundred Thirty Two" = 101 = "Order of the Skull and Bones"

    Look at the way his named was designed:

    "Ahmad" = 44 J <===
    "Khan" = 59 J = "Kill"
    "Rahami" = 129 J = "Demon"

    The sub-headline matches up to his name:
    "Bombing Suspect" = 75 & 165 = "Divide and Conquer"
    "United Nations" = 165

    "Bombing Suspect in Custody" = 295
    "Two Hundred Twenty Three" = 295

    "Shootout with Police in NJ" = 111 & 300
    "Fraud" = 300

    "Bombing Suspect in Custody after Shootout with Police in NJ" = 231

    "Hillary Rodham Clinton" = 231 = "Superbowl LI Champion"

  4. He was apparently born on January 23rd 1988 ( 88 ) & a 123 birthday :)

    1. he's born the 23rd day of the year and like ya said bomb went off on 23rd ... Class post man!

    2. Like the post above says, "Hillary Rodham Clinton" = 231. Suspects apparent birthday, 23/1 or 231.

  5. I forgot who mentioned it, but a grand masonic temple is literally right around the corner of where the bombing took place! Google maps 71 west 23rd.

    1. Yes that's the correct address.

      Sixth Avenue is also called – officially

      'Avenue of the Americas'

      "Avenue of the Americas" in the English Reduction system equals 83

      "Avenue of the Americas" in the English Ordinal system equals 191

  6. Watching the video of the actual explosions it shows people going by the place where the bomb went off and as soon as it goes off they run back to where the bomb went off!!!
    Who in their right mind would run towards a bomb????


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