Tuesday, September 13, 2016

93 | Police investigating arson at mosque attended by Pule Nightclub shooter


This incident comes in a span of 93-days from the June 12, 2016, Pulse Club shooting.

We know who is responsible for this one, the same Zionists responsible for the shooting hoax.


  1. Jewish Lightning=174, 1044

    Islamic Lightning=166, 966, 402

    Jewish Islamic Lightning=240, 1440

    Arson=67, 402

  2. In addition, they are now claiming one of the Pulse "survivors" just died in Tampa. Never saw the guy before amongst all the other actors. His name is Chris Brodman.

    Brodman = 67 (and we know how meaningful the full name "Christopher" is to freemasonry)

    As usual, the guy's boyfriend is taking donations to cover the funeral expenses. We'd all be in prison if we tried to raise money off fraud like this. Disgusting.

  3. Zach, you may find it interesting that "Mock" and "Con" equal 93 in Jewish Gematria. Two words that perfectly describe what is going on here.

  4. "Pulse Night Club" = 61 = "Active Shooter"

    "Sixty One" = 41 = "Mass Murder"
    "Ninety Three" = 143 = "Ground Zero"

    "Ninety Three Days" = 192 = "Indianapolis Colts"

    1. This story is about Football:

      "Fort Pirece = 61 = "Active Shooter" = 61
      "Active Shooter" = 61 = "Pulse Night Club"

      "Fort Pierce Florida" = 180 = "Colts vs Giants"

      "Fort Pierce Florida Mosque" = 1013 [170th Prime]

      1013 is Kind of like 113
      "Dishonest" = 113 [Baba Kamma 113a]

      If we write out 170:
      "One Hundred Seventy" = 1776 <===Birth of a Nation

      "Birth of a Nation" = 152 = "Superbowl LI"
      "Birth of a Nation" = 71 = "Target"

      This ties into the 113 "Liar Code"

      "Baba Kamma One One Three A" = 170 = "World War Three"

      "Pulse Massacre" = 152 = "Superbowl LI"

  5. Two other 113s that fit so well:

    Faux News = 113
    Perjury = 113

  6. All of these words describe the media and/or the BS they give us:

    Unethical = 93
    Misleading = 93
    Uncredible = 93
    Improbable = 93

  7. I like the way they imply that this fire happened to mark the 15th anniversary of 911. That's why it's fake. The only people people obsessed with dates and anniversaries are the Overlords and their lackeys. Most people are too busy to care about such things and too ignorant (because they werent taught) to understand the importance of numbers and dates.


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