Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Maestro Contribution | The September 26, 2016 Presidential Debate


  1. I thin Hillary takes a nasty fall before November and Donald has an attempt on his life. Cue Biden

    1. Biden his time.

      The Pope already blessed Biden last year. I have been waiting for him to assume the position.

  2. The Bush 43 tie in made this great. Now gotta look at the other two debates. Trump was complaining of football games being on during the upcoming debates, which was unfair for his electorate.

    The date of the second debate, is one day before Brett Favre turns 47.
    120 days from the debate to S.B.51 including the end date, or #12.
    If you saw my stuff September 4th you know how I wrapped 12 up, without Andrew Luck. Maybe take another peek as thing are unfolding for the election and the Super Bowl.

    On Sunday night football, Green Bay Packers v. New York Giants at the famed Lambeau Field.

    You guys say NYG, is important. I see much more with Green Bay. Either way the debate is supposed to be on NBC, at the same time as this important game.

    In Home games for Green Bay they have 14 wins, and 9 losses, if they win that makes 15 wins.

    15, 51 reversed.

    1. Oh, the date, 10-09-2016. Second debate.

      Those wins losses above were head to head with the pack and giants at "home games"

    2. Atlanta Falcons v. New Orleans Saints on the night of the first debate, which isn't being interrupted, it's on ESPN.

      Hofstra = 33 in English Reduction
      Lester Holt = 44 in E.R. (first debate moderator)
      Martha Radiate = 1440 in English gematria (co- moderator 2nd debate)
      Forty four = 144, whatever I keep seeing it.
      Green Bay coordinates 44 N X 88 W.
      Super Bowl 51 date numerology hits 44 as well.

    3. Uh Anderson cooper, Mr. AC360
      A.C. = 4
      Like I said Brett Favre #4, will be turning 47 the day after the second debate. First is the worst, Second is the best, and third is a turd, right?

    4. They did just induct Favre into the Hall of Fame before the season.

    5. He was the 5th Packer to go 1st ballot. 51. Also the 74th 1st Balloter from any team. 74 reversed is 47.
      47th Modern era, blah blah, blah.
      Vince Lombardi died at age 57 and coached the Giants and Packers before dying in D C with the redskinz.
      Lombardi = 74 English Ordinal
      Also had a winning percentage of 74%
      Lombardi may be the connection of the monday night game, or the season.

      Maestro, I'm all over GB, like flies on steamy cow pies. I post on it every week in here now.

      Ok, here's more spunk.

      Second debate date 10-9-2016

      Lambeau = 55 English Ordinal
      Lambeau = 19 English Reduction
      Lambeau = 330 English Sumerian or 33 for those that drop the zeros, like our Fed.

    6. You said a lot without really making a point.

  3. Since you didn't ask I have to connect Tom Brady and this season's super bowl.

    Super Bowl Fifty One = 2023 Jewish Jematria
    Thomas Edward Patrick Brady = 2203 English Gematria

    See the skull and bones 322's? Cool coincidence, hey?

    Thomas Edward Patrick Brady = 106 English Reduction
    Prophecy = 106

  4. My point, election may or may not be connected to sports, but the numbers connect easily.

    Super Bowl will definitely be Green Bay v. New England.

    Today's interestingly coincidental numbers to talk about,

    322, 44, 47, 74, 33.

    I'm laying groundwork for others to brainstorm off. This is a blog, defined as outing the invisible empire. You want to sound smart and say what is you point? Your stuff, to my recollection, is very confusing, all numbered and not well referenced.

    What is you point in using one of the community members, me, as a door mat? You feel good about it? Or did you not know where Lambeau field is, who Vince Lombardi is, who Anderson cooper is?

    So your nasty fall is based on what? A hunch? And an attempt on Trump? BASED ON WHAT Saturn being in Saggitarius right, now?

    I got all of the Biden Memos, still possible, but what? You know.. don't play me, we're in this together..

    1. I'm just hoping to piss you off enough to do better work.

    2. Lol. You obviously see some shit. We all love to talk shit. If you need my hand to walk you through it, put on some galoshes, and follow along.