Saturday, September 3, 2016

56 93 110 | 7-State 5.6 earthquake, a tribute to Sam Bradford, the Presidential Election & the Atomic Bomb?

Sam Bradford = 56 (Former Oklahoma Sooners QB) (President = 56)
Oklahoma plays Houston today in college football
Sam Bradford was traded to the Minnesota Vikings this morning as well

56 = 5+6 = 11

Sam Bradford has the same birthday as the upcoming election, November 8.  He will be turning 29-years old on election day.

29 = 2+9 = 11

November 8 will be 'voting' day.  Notice Bradford was born in '87.

Hillary just had her DNC in Philadelphia, beginning July 25, 2016, 106-days before the election, November 8.  That was also 106-days before Sam Bradford's upcoming birthday.

11/8/87 = 11+8+87 = 106

Philadelphia is the city named from Revelation, the book of prophecy.

Revelation is the 66th Book of the Bible.

Moving on, Sam was traded to Minnesota today, September 3.

He will play football in Minneapolis.  As we decode, keep in mind, I am asking if our government has planted explosives underground for the purpose of triggering earthquake experiments, possibly targeting fault lines.

From today, September 3, to the election, is 66-days later, or 9-weeks and 3-days.  '66' connects to USGS, the agency measuring earthquakes.

Sam Bradford has birth numerology corresponding with 'earthquake' as well.

11/8/1987 = 11+8+(1+9+8+7) = 44

Earlier this year Oklahoma had a 5.1 earthquake on February 13, 2016.

2/13/2016 = 2+13+20+16 = 51

February 13 is the 44th day of the year, the date of 'Lupercalia'.  Antonin Scalia died on that date.

With regards to it being a 5.1 on a date with '51' numerology....

The date of the upcoming Super Bowl is a date with '44' numerology, corresponding with Earthquake.

5/2/2017 = 5+2+20+17 = 44 (Earthquake) (Oblivion) (Prophecy = 52/106)

This incident comes 29-weeks after the last earthquake, and again, there are big 'football' connections here.

Notice that 6.56 tweet time.


  1. Was talking about this Quake the other day before it happened. There may be more to come in October.

    Pawnee" in the English Ordinal system equals 64

    Muskogee Oklahoma" in the English Reduction system equals 64

    Arlington Pawnee" in the English Reduction system equals 75

    Arlington Pawnee" in the English Ordinal system equals 174

    Oklahoma Earthquake" in the English Reduction system equals 75

    Arlington Texas Pawnee Oklahoma" in the English Reduction system equals 121

    Revelation Earthquake" in the English Reduction system equals 93

    Revelation Earthquake" in the English Ordinal system equals 228

    Pawnee " in the English Reduction system equals 28

    9+3+16= .. 28 ..
    9+3+20+16= .. 48 ..
    9+3+(2+0+1+6)= .. 21 ..

    28+48+21= .. 97 ..

    Nine Seven" in the English Ordinal system equals 107

    Nine Seven" in the English Reduction system equals 44

    Two Eight" in the English Reduction system equals 44

    Two Eight" in the English Ordinal system equals 107

    Earthquake" in the English Reduction system equals 44

    Earthquake" in the English Ordinal system equals 107

    1. I remember that post! Good work man.

    2. Man, you were on the money for that one. You're probably right about more.

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  5. They actually said "Induced earthquake". Unbelievable. This has to be predictive programming for the big one. A lot of earthquake noise lately. Earthquake having the 44 gematria makes me think there will be a 44 day span being involved somehow. I've been doing work that points me to October 4, 2016 (I'm not the first one to theorize this). 8 days before 9/11 (not to mention the 93 connection) we get this earthquake, what if the next 9/11 is 10/4. It's like a phone call, 911 started all this and then you get the 10-4 aka "message received" that ends it and sets off the next level of the agenda.
    August 21st, 1988 there was a 6.9 earthquake in Nepal
    False Flag = 33/69
    Earthquake = 44
    August 21st to October 4th is 44 days
    44 days = 1 month 13 days (113, possibly 11x3+33?)
    or 1056 hours (drop the zero = 156)
    Here we are, 28 years later
    Twenty Eight = 156
    Thirty Three = 156
    San Andreas Fault = 156
    911 is the 156th prime
    Rutherfordium (the 104th element) the x6 way = 1056
    If you look it up, they have that earthquake's origin time as 23:09:11 (11:09 pm + 11 seconds) (911 from either side you read it)
    23 is interesting too because September 11 to October 4th is 23 days.
    9+11+2+0+0+1 = 23
    10+4+2+0+1+6 = 23
    October 4th leaves 88 days in the year
    After 9/11 they did a 33 day "tribute in light" (3/11 to 4/14) (113 to 144?) where they lit 88 lights
    Tribute in Light the x6 way is 1044 (144)
    2 tragedies would coincide with the Holy Temples being destroyed 2 separate times in history, both on the 9th of Av (the 11th month). It's clear to me that the main motivation behind what's been happening is to fulfill biblical prophecy (since they wrote it), the ritualistic coding is part of the superstition. I doubt that 2016 will pass without something big (2016 = 216, 6x6x6 year)

    1. The Big One = 49
      Twin Towers = 49/166 (Approved by the 49th governor)
      (49ers, the Golden Gate bridge, reference to 1949 and the California gold rush)
      1949 to 2016 is 67 years
      October Fourth = 67/166
      World Trade Center = 77
      Rutherfordium (104th element) = 77
      September Eleventh = 77
      March Twenty Sixth (85th day) = 77
      The Big One = 85
      Boston = 85
      (Boston Bombing happened on April 15, 2013)
      April Fifteenth = 77/149

    2. Yes sir, in my estimation the only non-shill out here other than Zach

    3. I used to like him a lot, then he got really personal on me and flipped. He seems fairly legit, but I can't stand his attitude or his way out there National Inquirer stories like David Bowie's secret children and the supposed electrified flood that never happened. His Back to the Future stuff is fairly awesome, but he is a psycho.

    4. Yeah I hear you. I try not to get caught up in personalities and just take in the information. He's hit and miss for sure but the hits have been really good. The one thing that turned me off is he said gematria is bullshit and then did a non sequitur argument

  6. Pawnee, Oklahoma reminds of the fictional setting for the TV show 'Parks and Recreation' of Pawnee, Indiana.

    The show is often called 'Parks and Rec' and the main character's name is Leslie Knope.

    Leslie Knope = 123/ 51, 60, 69 (Matching 'Conspiracy')
    Parks and Rec = 110/ 47, 56!!
    Parks and Recreation = 84, 93, 102 (United States of America)(A hit show with a lot of propaganda in it, Propaganda = 93; Pawnee, OK earthquake on 9/3)

    Digging even deeper, check this out.

    Episode 2/23 (Season 2, ep 23; 223) is called 'The Master Plan'. This debuted May 13, 2010, a date with almost the same numerology as today 9/3/2016, including 48, 21, 28.

    Even more interesting, the plot of the episode is the celebration of the character April's 21st birthday.

    Master Plan = 119, 38, 47
    Chanhassen, MN = 119, 47, 56

    May 13, 2010 to April 21, 2016 is exactly 310 weeks. (Not sure how 31 ties in, but is one of "their" numbers).

    1. A later episode entitled "End of the World" debuted on 11/3/11, a span of exactly 58 months before the earthquake today.

    2. The Fukushima earthquake/tsunami was on 3/11/11.
      I guess that would be about 66 months before today.

  7. If all the world is a stage then it makes sense that some parts could be raised or lowered and shaken up from time to time.
    ST-age craft
    Space Time A GE Craft
    GE General Electricks
    "We bring good things to life."

    Masons are builders, after all.
    Set builders

  8. Can someone explain to me how Sam Bradford will play the entire season without an injury?

  9. He's either hurt or chokes ... Sam I AM the lamb