Wednesday, February 15, 2017

213 | Len Bias murder lesson and the '213' Reverse Ordinal Gematria of 'The NBA Finals' +Cavs-Warriors 2015-16 NBA Finals

As I continue to say, there is a lot of 'Catholic' influence in the world of the NBA.  Half the players attended Catholic/Jesuit High Schools, maybe more.  The Catholic code is also found in the name of Leonard Kevin Bias, as well as his place of birth, Landover, MD.

Len Bias died 213-days after his November 18, 1985 birthday, at the age of 22.  Remember, the word basketball sums to '22' and '31'.  Notice the gematria of the name Len Bias.

Len = 12+5+14 = 31 (Basketball) (Boston)
Bias = 2+9+1+19 = 31 (Basketball) (Boston)

Some say he would have been the 'Jordan' of the league, had he not passed.

His birthday, November 18, is the 322nd day of the year.  1986 was also the first year of the name, 'The NBA Finals'.

Symbol = 86; Triangle = 86; Pyramid = 86

Notice the Boston Celtics, who Len Bias was drafted by, won the NBA Finals on June 8, a date that can be written 8/6, much like the year '86.  He would be drafted to the team June 17, 9-days later, and died June 19, 11-days after the championship.  It seems he was definitely a murder ritual for the NBA Finals at the time.

Let us examine how his birth and death numerology also connects to 'The NBA Finals'.

11/18/1963 = 11+18+19+63 = 111
6/19/86 = 6+19+86 = 111

His date of death also has numerology of '130', and he reportedly died at 'Washington' Hall.

6/19/1986 = 6+19+19+86 = 130

130 is the '13'

Len Bias died in Room 1103 of Washington Hall, a lot like '113'.

Keep in mind Len Bias wore #34 at Maryland.

He wore 33 in high school...  (Massachusetts = 33)

I can't help but notice that Cleveland had the #1 pick that year, and this story is getting a lot of coverage the day of Game 7 of the NBA Finals, Cleveland vs Golden State.  Speaking of Golden State, notice they drafted right after the Celtics.

His place of death, Riverdale Park, had gematria of '68', a lot like June 8, also the reflection of '86'.

Len Bias was 6'8"
Riverdale Park, Maryland also has gematria connecting to 'death' and 'United States of America'.

Speaking of 'death', lets get to the significance of '213', since Len Bias died 213-days after his 22nd birthday.  On this blog I have covered the deaths of others by this same number, from Tupac Shakur, to Moses Malone to Nate Dogg and beyond.

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