Tuesday, February 7, 2017

31 41 45 52 93 118 127 239 | The reason George H.W. Bush did the opening coin toss for Super Bowl 51, February 5, 2017

George H.W. Bush, former Skull and Bones member, 41st President, did the coin toss just before Super Bowl 51, February 5, 2017, played in Houston Texas, the state where his son was once the Governor of Texas

Skull and Bones identifies by 322.

Patriots Super Bowls... Won 3.  Lost 2.  Won 2.

The name George Herbert Walker Bush also sums to '118', like Patriots.

With regards to the '41' connection, 41 is the 13th prime number.  Tom Brady won his last Super Bowl in Houston 13-years earlier, against the Carolina Panthers, 

From his 92nd birthday to the Super Bowl was a span of 239-days.

239 is the 52nd prime, and the Super Bowl was on 5/2.

Brady and Belichick became 5-2 in Super Bowls.  Prophecy = 52; Paul Pierce = 52

Paul Pierce played his last game in Boston just before the Super Bowl.  #34...

To his upcoming 93rd birthday is 127-days, the 31st prime number.  Regarding '93', the Patriots ran 93 offensive plays in the Super Bowl, and it was a number that was paid tribute to the Patriots all season, he also left the White House in '93 with his wife Barb (Barbara Bush = 93).

127 is the 31st prime number.

The Patriots scored 31 unanswered points.

When "H.W." passes, it will definitely be synched with this football game.  I've been thinking they'd let him make it to 93 first, like his President when he was V.P., Ronald Reagan.

Last point, there is a tie with 'coin toss' and 'President of the United States'.