Tuesday, February 7, 2017

35 48 88 97 | MTV calls Rob Dyrdek "Nostradamus" for predicting Patriot's to win with 34-points, Super Bowl 51


So Robert Stanley Dyrdek called the Super Bowl winning score to close out the 97th season of the NFL, eh?

Remember, this election had a lot to do with Donald Trump.

Trump = 88; 88 days after Nov. 9, 2016, the Super Bowl was played

Rob Dyrdek also equals 'Donald Trump'.

And 'Rob', connects to Tom Brady, the winner of Super Bowl 51.

Tom was born August 3, 1977.  8/3/1977 = 8+3+1+9+7+7 = 35

As for him calling the winning score of '34', again it was Tom Brady's 34th playoff game, and in Gematria, 'Falcons' sums to 34, plus more, as we've covered.