Friday, February 3, 2017

38 93 228 | Police hoax at Louvre, February 3, 2017, maintaining false Islamic boogieman threat

The headline spells death.

The location spells propaganda.

It's another 'knife attack' hoax.

Notice, in Paris, the land of Zionist supremacy, they already have soldiers on the street.  In Paris my YouTube channel and this blog would come with a prison sentence.

They're always sure to report the same details in all of these hoaxes.  "Backpack", "Muslim", "box cutter knives"... it's pathetic.

Does the Da Vinci Code claim there are 666 pieces of glass making up the pyramid, shown in the background, at the Louvre?

No Donald, those are just your Zionist bosses.  You know that, cocksucker.

Notice the mention of the Georgia student.  This comes just before Georgia will be represented in the Super Bowl.  Perhaps it is coincidental, perhaps not.

"Something is going down."  "The police are out."

That is all people have to see to think something "real" is happening.  That is what is wrong with the world.  That is the conditioning.  How can anyone have any trust in the police?  It can only come out of sheer ignorance.

9.3 million in 2014...  I think they just wanted to get the number in.

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