Monday, February 13, 2017

42 59 62 | Morris Day's "Jungle Love" performance at the 2017 59th Grammy's, February 12, 2017

Notice the 59-year-old Morris Day stole the show at the 59th Grammy's with "Jungle Love".  He had everyone dancing, it was easily the happiest moment of the 59th Grammy's.

As I've been teaching for a number of years, throughout history, the numbers '42' and '59' have been coded on black people.  There's a reason Motown came out in 1959, emphasis on '59.  There's a reason Jackie Robinson wore '42'.

*Prince dead at 57, on the Queen's 90th birthday.

12/13/1957 = 12+13+19+57 = 101 (101, the 26th prime) (Queen = 26/62)
12/13/1957 = 12+13+(1+9+5+7) = 47
12/13/1957 = 1+2+1+3+1+9+5+7 = 29
12/13/57 = 12+13+57 = 82

From Morris's 59th birthday to this performance was a span of 62-days, the number for the Queen, who became the Queen on February 6, 1952, a date that can be written 6/2.  Remember, Prince died on the Queen's birthday.  Morris Day is Prince's best buddy.

From Prince's death to the performance was a span of 42-weeks and 4-days.

Do you think the Queen made this call?  It couldn't be anymore racist.  Listen to how the beginning of the song... monkey sounds... black people... it's sick.