Sunday, September 4, 2016

16 30 33 44 93 | Wisconsin upsets LSU, September 3, 2016, after first game in 33-years played at Lambeau

Get that, the first game in 33-years for Wisconsin at Lambeau, where the NFL Green Bay Packers player.  There's a connection between 'green' and '33'.

The opponent Wisconsin was hosting, also had the '33' connection, the LSU 'Tigers'.

Notice that Wisconsin defeated the 11.5 favorites, 16-14, for a total of 30-points, on Saturday, September 3.

The sum of '30' connects back to 'Saturn', just like the date the game was played.

Saturn = 1/10+1+2+3+9+5 = 21/30
Saturn = 19+1+20+21+18+14 = 93

Saturday, Saturnsday.

LSU was ranked #5, Wisconsin was unranked.

It was the first time in 44-years that two top 5 teams lost in the same week of college football, the other to lose was Oklahoma, who had the bizarre earthquake.  Oklahoma lost to Houston and Wisconsin was lead by first time starting QB Bart Houston.

The Super Bowl will be played in Houston February 5, 2017, a date with '44' numerology.

2/5/2017 = 2+5+20+17 = 44

Recall the story from July 23, 2016, where three college kickers were in car wreck, and two died, the only survivor, played for LSU, who just lost in Wisconsin, where this supposed car wreck took place. Read about that here:

The story had much 'Houston' coding.  Notice the story came 1-month 12-days prior.  Houston = 112

Or, it was 42-days earlier, or a total span of 43-days.  Champion = 43

The other two teams involved in the wreck were Michigan State and Nebraska, who both won.

Notice Nebraska won with '43'.