Wednesday, September 7, 2016

170 | 'It came within 10 feet', Russian fighter jet has close call with U.S. aircraft, September 7, 2016 propaganda


  1. It figures government operative "Barbara Starr" would be involved ... this "expert" has long been one of the premier voices of the military industrial complex.

    The way they keep beating this "Russia/Iran" horse to death makes one wonder if those countries might actually be great places to live. Our controllers sure want the peasants to be fearful of them ... & methinks they doest protest too much ... ;D :D

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    1. Good catch! If Cuba's past is any indication, these places deemed off-limits or "scary" are -- in fact -- the secluded playgrounds of the elite.

      Rick Steves -- the travel guide -- insists that Iran is a beautiful, unspoiled country ... full of happy, well-educated people who don't understand why our leaders insist upon demonizing them (aside from the known fact that the Zionists who control our government are covetous of the Iranian's land, etc.).

      What REALLY goes on in North Korea remains one of the Great Unsolved Mysteries of our time ... ;D :D

  3. It's our most propagandized country. Remember the Dennis Rodman squeeze, he was #91 and wasted.

  4. Lots of stories about Russia lately.

    It wouldn't surprise me if North Korea and the like are totally fabulous places to live. I suspect the world is a much, much bigger place then we've been led to believe.

  5. this reminds me of Tom Cruise in Top Gun and the whole take a photo of the MIG upside down and shit. Cougar gets all bugged out and hands in his wings after the fact.

    "I can't shoot this son of a bitch" = 112 (R)
    "I can't shoot this son of a bitch" = 1752

    we know the 112 connections but check THIS shit out.

    1752 is the year the Gregorian Calendar was accepted and implemented. Betsy Ross was born (sewed the first American flag which is 239 right now). Ben Franklin did his famous kite experiment. 6/6 in Moscow a fire destroyed 18,000 homes. First American hospital is opened plus a whole hell of a lot more.