Wednesday, September 7, 2016

29 33 42 44 60 96 | "Top Ferguson activist", Darren Seals, found dead in burned out car

The name of the person dead shares the same first name as the officer who shot Michael Brown.  That was the blonde haired, blue eyed Darren Wilson.

Notice down below the victim, Darren, was 29-years old.

Of course '33' is the number of Freemasonry and the race war.

Of course it is the 'police' who are instrumental in this race war propaganda by the numbers.

As for the city Ferguson, it has numbers factoring into the equation as well.

Checkout this picture of Darren Wilson.

Notice the '42' with the 'Blues'.

Of course the numbers 5 and 9 connect back to '42'.

It is the Zionist-Freemason run media that makes news by the numbers, "news by math".

Now, notice the name of the victim, Darren Seals.  This name connects to 'kill' and 'shooting'.

The name of the spokesperson is right for 'police'.

Notice his body was found Tuesday, September 6, 2016, a date that can be written 9/6, a lot like '96'.  96 is the number of Freemason.  If you sum the divisors of '42', it totals '96'.

See my older work on the death of Joshua, or '74'.


  1. This supposedly happened in an area of St. Louis called Riverview, Riverfront Park, located near the Mississippi River.

    Interesting coincidence that the story a few posts up is about a river turning blood red.

  2. damn, Talib Kweli. I've been listening to Quality the past hour at work - he's definitely part of it all talking about "complete like the number nine" and talking about stars/celebs in dianetics and so on.

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