Monday, September 19, 2016

18 30 33 37 41 46 199 | Philadelphia Eagles @ Chicago Bears, MNF, September 19, 2016 (Why Bears should win)

The date of the game offers some clues in numerology.

9/19/2016 = 9+19+20+16 = 64
9/19/2016 = 9+19+(2+0+1+6) = 37 (Chicago) (Thirty = 37) (Bears going for 30th win...)
9/19/2016 = 9+1+9+2+0+1+6 = 28
9/19/16 = 9+19+16 = 44 (44th game all-time between the two teams)

The date can also be written 19/9, a lot like '199', the 46th prime.

Also, this will be the 41st regular season game between the two teams all-time.  Chicago, where the game is to be played, is on the 41st parallel north.

The Eagles are surprisingly bad against the Bears historically.  This will be their 41st regular season matchup on MNF, and their 44th if you count the playoffs.  In the regular season, the Bears lead 29-10-1, if you count the playoffs, the Bears leads 30-12-1

Here are their five most recent matches.

I spy... 44, 44, 57, 54, 65 (54)

This game on MNF is going to come exactly 33-weeks after the new head coach of the Eagles birthday.

1/31/1968 = 1+31+19+68 = 119

The Eagles were established in '33.

As for the opposing coach, John Fox, the game will come 225-days after his 61st birthday.  This is interesting because he comes into the game having coached 225-games.

Notice this will be Fox's 18th game with Chicago Bears.

Bears = 2+5+1+18+19 = 45 (Lots of 45 this week, game is span of 45-days from Game 7 of World Series)
With both Carolina and the Broncos winning, it might only be right for John Fox to also win, the former coach of both teams, who was replaced by the two coach that met in the Super Bowl, #50.

As for the QB of the Bears, Jay Cutler, this came comes 144-days after his birthday.

Forty-Four = 144

Notice Cutler is 33-years old for MNF.  MNF = 13+14+6 = 33

In addition to Jay Cutler being 33-years old, he comes into the game with 137-games under his belt.

Also, last week, the Bears lost with a score summing to '37' points.


  1. This one looks difficult I wouldn't be too sure on this one.

    1. 112..shows up both ways in overall franchise # when Bears win,Fox=666, the 144 is a sign of a " killer night for MR. JAY CUTLER=47. Study Pythagoras!

  2. I'm staying away from this one. Bears have the edge in numbers for sure, but that last game in Chicago, Bears win, was 303 weeks ago (and 1 day), and like Zach said the Eagles were established in '33, and Philadelphia Eagles = 333 jewish.

  3. Carson Wentz ended with 37 attempts last week thats not a sign for him is it?

    1. and another thing if bears lose they would be 1-8 in last 9 home games... just to go with that 18 for fox and bears

    2. "One and Eight" = 102 = "NFC Champion"

  4. Anyone else notice that both Peterson and Bridgewater (112) are now injured for the Vikings. Could be a sign they wont make the super bowl..

    1. Manning had an injuring and went to the Super Bowl.

  5. Hi Zach,
    I am trying to understand your breakdowns in a more meaningful way (i.e. researching alongside you). You mention Chi Bears going for 37th win? I am not sure where you got this. They would be going for their 30th win today vs eagles. Could you or anyone help clarify?

    1. I meant they are going for their 30th win, and 'Thirty' sums to 37.
      Thirty = 2+8+9+9+2+7 = 37
      Thank you for correction! I make a lot of typos because I'm always in a hurry!

  6. Notice Jay Cutler's Winning Percentage = .496%

    496 is the 3rd 'Perfect' Number

    Its not clear to me what that would mean. Any Ideas?

    1. We will examine tonight, it is a great heads up.

  7. Devil's advocate for the Eagles...

    Date Numerology = 28 (9+1+9+2+0+1+6)
    Eagles win would be their 28th on Monday Night Football

    20th President James Garfield died 135 years ago today
    James Garfield = 65
    Philadelphia = 65

    Carson = 25
    Wentz = 25
    Garfield born 11/19/1831 = 25 numerology (1+1+1+9+1+8+3+1)

    Carson Wentz = 50
    50 Days Until Election
    VP Biden from PHI, Pres Obama from CHI
    A loss for Cutler would give him 50 in his Bears career (inc. playoffs)

    Under the Obama/Biden presidency, Eagles are 2-3 vs Bears
    An Eagles win would make them 3-3
    PHI = 33, MNF = 33, Bears QB Jay Cutler is 33-years-old

    Biden is 47th Vice President
    Tonight is Philadelphia's 47th game on MNF

    Time Between Biden's Birthday & Game = 62 Days
    Philadelphia coach "Doug Pederson" = 62

    Since Last Meeting Between PHI & CHI = 1,002 days
    Time Between Wentz Birthday & Game = 102 days
    A loss for the Bears would be John Fox's 12th as head coach

    Philadelphia = 101
    With a loss, Bears coach John Fox would have 101 for his career
    This game will be Cutler's 101st game for Chicago (inc. playoffs)
    With a win, the Eagles would have 11 all-time vs Bears
    Eagles QB Carson Wentz wears #11
    Time Between Eagles own Jeff Lurie Birthday & Game = 11 days
    James Garfield = 110

    With a win, the Eagles would have 13 all-time vs Bears (inc. playoffs)
    Today leaves 103 days remaining in the year
    Eagles = 31

    1. what about the Bears getting their 31st win all time in the series? 31 is the big number in sports lately, we saw it allllllll over the SNF game yesterday.

    2. For sure. Just wanted to state the case for Philly

    3. Where do you get 11 all time wins vs bears?

    4. or is that Regular season wins?

  8. Here's what I had for the game:

    Monday Night Football

    9/19/2016 = 9+19+20+16 = 64 [1]
    9/19/2016 = 9+19+2+0+1+6 = 37 [1]
    9/19/2016 = 9+1+9+2+0+1+6 = 28 [1]
    9/19/16 = 9+19+16 = 44
    262/263 day; 103 remaining.
    September Nineteenth = 1099, 217, 1302, 91/100,

    Philadelphia at Chicago
    44th overall matchup. Bears lead 29-10-1, 1-2 playoffs, 30-12-1 overall.
    41st regular season matcup, Bears lead 29-10-1.
    Coach records:
    Fox: 17 games, 6-11.
    225 games, 125-100, 8-7 playoffs, 133-107 overall. 240 total games.
    Pederson: 1 game, 1-0 record.
    QB records:
    Cutler: 137 starts, 68-69 record, 37-35 home, 31-34 away.
    135 regular season starts, 67-68, 36-34 home, 31-34 away.
    Wentz: 1 start, 1-0, 1-0 home, 0-0 away.
    Birthday spans:
    Fox: 2/8/16 to 9/19/16: 224 days, 7 months 11 days, 32 weeks.
    225 days, 7 months 12 days, 32 weeks 1 day.
    Cutler: 4/29/16 to 9/19/2016: 143 days, 4 months 21 days, 20 weeks 3 days.
    144 days, 4 months 22 days, 20 weeks 4 days
    Pederson: 9/19/16 to 1/31/17: 134 days, 4 months 12 days, 19 weeks 1 day.
    135 days, 4 months 13 days, 19 weeks 2 days.
    Wentz: 9/19/16 to 12/30/16: 102 days, 3 months 11 days, 14 weeks 4 days.
    103 days, 3 months 12 days, 14 weeks 5 days.

    Chicago Bears = 64. Date numerology of 64. Soldier Field = 64.
    John Fox born 2/8. Date numerology of 28.
    Bears can get their 31st overall win. Eagles = 31.
    September Nineteenth = 91. Chicago Bears = 91.
    September Nineteenth = 1099. 199 is the 46th prime. Chicago = 46. Soldier = 46.
    Bears could get their 30th win of the series. John Fox birth numerology of 30.
    A Chicago win would improve Fox's record to 7-11 with the Bears. Fox's birthday was 7 months 11 days before this game.
    Fox's birthday was also 32 weeks before this game. NFL = 32. America = 32.
    This is Fox's 18th game with the Bears. Bears = 18.
    Jay Cutler has 37 overall wins at home. A Bear loss would keep him on 37.
    On the other hand, he has 36 regular wins at home. A Bear win would get him to 37 on a day with 37 numerology.
    41st regular season matchup. Soldier field located on the 41st parallel North.

    September Nineteenth = 100. Doug Pederson birth numerology is 100.
    This game comes on the day with 103 remaining. There is a span of 103 days to Wentz next birthday.
    Wentz birthday is 14 weeks 4 days away, like 144. Forty Four = 144. Date numerology of 44.
    This is the 41st regular season matchup. 41 is the 13th prime. A Philadelphia win would be their 13th overall in the series.
    A loss would give Pederson a 1-1 record. Philadelphia = 101.
    Sunday Night Football = 135. Pederson's birthday is 135 days after this game.

    Field Goal = 44. Date numerology of 44. 44th all time matchup. Perhaps we will see the game end by a field goal.
    Pick Six = 37. Date numerology of 37.

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    2. was it Capsa decoding soccer who stated the team with date numerology connections almost always loses?

  9. Here is the work I had done so far with this MNF game and I had the Bears too

    Week 2 for all games played Thursday - Monday
    9HomeWins-6HomeLoss (10-6 like Prophecy, or 9-7 like Season 97)

    Date Numerology is – 28, 37, 44(Prophet, Sum Divisor 84), 64(Civil Rights),

    MNF – 15, 33, 96(Freemason)
    Monday – 27, 72, 855
    Monday Night Football – 87, 213(Black History Month), 1518

    O/U 42(February)/43(Civil War)

    Last time they met was a loss for Eagles in 11/28/2010 (5years, or 2122days)

    Eagles(1-0) @ Bears(0-1) - 23rd Bears lead at home 17-4 (could be 18-4 0r 17-5)

    41th(13prime) game and Bears lead 29-10 in the series
    (30(Saturn)-10(Satan) or 29(Football)-11)

    Total points 904– 578, and difference of 326 (11/21, leaves 39(Nike) days left in the year)

    Eagles Coach Record; It’ll be 2st game, 1 wins 0 losses (2-0 or 1-1)

    - 48(Hoax) years old, 1/31/68 – 134(Vesica Piscis) days till or 135(The Key Of David

    Bears Coach Record; It’ll be 18th game, 6 wins 11 losses (7-11 or 6-12)

    - 61 years old, 2/8/55(Satan) – 224 days since or 7month 11 days (711)or 142

    I like that all Games played in week two have 9 home wins vs 6 home losses and I think a Home win for the Bears will make Week to 10-6 prophecy on a date with Prophet numerology (44) and the coach for the Bears getting his 7-11

    What is also interesting is the Headlines for Eagles potentially protesting anthem in this game and the numbers point to it as well!

  10. Bears win today.

    Wentz will look like a rookie today. Panic will ensue in Philly. Philly is headed for 3-4 wins this year.
    Bears finally got rid of hex #83/38 Bennett.
    Cutler will be rewarded this season for being a company man.
    Bears will be good this year to challenge the Vikes for division

    Even though I don't like the Colts, the division is going to be won with 9-10 wins... Andrew Suck has a chance to pick up wins once the schedule gets easier.

    The future is just like the Past. Go back to last season so far it's playing out for round two.
    Deflate gate and Cam's Title.

    Broncos will lose a couple defenders and Siemien will go down. In comes Lynch
    But he will be terrible. Trade may happen.
    KAP will be available this time.

    Brady will be back on fire... That's why they are 6-1 SB favorites.

    Dallas could be in play it's a toss up between them and Giants depends on week 10.

    Sorry boys.. You need more than Germatria for
    The NFL season.

    Get a set of NFL films package. Each SB has a story for that particular season.

    Now what do you think this season is about.

    Manning Retired... Brady is still the best... Rodgers is Bret FAVRE.. Big Ben is nothing
    Without the steel curtain. Phillip rivers is Dan fouts , Brees is Marino with the charity ring.
    Eli is just Peyton's lucky brother who leads the NFL in interceptions like his dad did.
    Ah there is Cam newton a warren moon clone with Lebrons body.

    The rest of the NFL does not matter Raiders will just move closer to the Mafia Jews

    Jerry isn't winning shit .. Maybe 2 years away.

    Flaaco is there to give every QB in an FCS program a dream at winning a SB.

    The stories go on and on...