Monday, September 19, 2016

35 47 51 | Jimmy Garopollo injured September 18, 2016, 47-days after Tom Brady's 39th birthday, by #47 Kiko Alonso

Notice it was #47 who put the hit on Jimmy Garapollo that took him out of the game.  '47', that number.  The first Super Bowl was in the 47th season of the NFL.  This year will be Super Bowl 51, the 47th of the modern era.  The 51st season of the NFL, was the first of the modern era.

Garapollo's injury on September 18, came 47-days from Tom Brady's 39th birthday.

9/18/2016 = 9+1+8+2+0+1+6 = 27 (Garopollo injured on 27th throw)

From today's injury to Garopollo's birthday, November 2, 2016, is 45-days.

November 2 can be written 2/11, or 11/2, like '211' and '112'.

 The Houston Texans are hosting Super Bowl 51, the 47th Super Bowl of the modern era.

#47 for the Dolphins, who made the hit, is Kiko Alonso, born August 14, 2016, 35-days before the injury.

I love that he played at Oregon, the 33rd state.  OR = 33; Oregon = 74 (No other state sums to 74)


  1. Kiko Alsono =330. Kristian Kiko Alonso =223.

    Injury 1 year 8 months 11 days after Deflategate on 11/8. Patriots =118. Foxborough Massachusetts =118. Patriots Win Super Bowl LI =118.

  2. isn't he the same guy who Chip Kelly traded McCoy for? not sure how to look into that narrative myself and decode accordingly.

  3. Tom Brady is going to the SB if the Patriots secure home field. Colts will have to beat NE and Broncos to make it to SB. Early losses mean nothing. Let's see week 10.
    Carolina, NYG and dark Horse Vikings but I feel the Vikings will play in SB52

  4. brady is 39 yrs old and we have been seeing a lot of 39 coding lately relating to the new York teams. wondering this somehow connects to brady losing to the giants in the super bowl. now that both 112s (Peterson and Bridgewater) are out for Vikings maybe this is playing into the Giants narrative.

    1. How do you know Peterson is out for the season?

    2. anyone else see that the Patriots go outscored 24-10 following the Jimmy G injury?

      same score as SB 50


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