Tuesday, September 20, 2016

216 | 'Ramblings in a notebook', CNN headlines for NJ and NY hoax bomber

The "attacker's" name sums to '666' in English Gematria.  6x6x6 = 216



  1. HI Zach,
    Interesting, and I agree 'set up'. I check it out ... first though this:
    I sent you a message using your utube, but I'm going to post it here for you too, making sure you get it.
    The buzz word: DISRUPTION
    Being used for the AL oil pipeline leak. There's only 1 pic showing 'supposed' oil in that water way. None of the actual leak area. The vid I did on it connects a similar (but real, EPA uncorking). Check out vid: https://youtu.be/9XPuye7gRok
    More info on the utube message. Thanks! I hope you run w/ it!

  2. Rahami's father: I had no idea

    "I had no idea" = 52 (Prophecy)

    "The amazingly quick capture" = 115 (freemasons) (reflection of 511 for Saturn)

    1. "An ordinary terrorist" = 261 (reshuffling of 216)

  3. Tuesday September Twentieth " in the English Reduction system equals 106 / 115

    Tuesday September Twentieth " in the English Ordinal system equals 322

    322-106= .. 216 ..

    Rahami Terror Notebook" in the English Reduction system equals 106

    Terror Notebook" in the English Reduction system equals 74

  4. "Ramblings in a Notebook" = 216

    "Islamic Terror Attack" = 216
    "Staged Assassination" = 216
    "Washington Memorial" = 216
    "Total Destruction" = 216

    "Truth in Plain Sight" = 216

  5. I like the way they were referring to him as the Chicken Shack Terrorist and the $5 million dollar man, lol.
    One of the pictures I thought was interesting was the one of him lying on the ground belly out, like a beached whale and behind him was a lime green Volkswagen Bug and an off white Volkswagen Bus.

    1. Yes.....very interesting:

      "Million Dollar Man" = 75 & 174
      "New World Order" = 75 & 174

      "Five Million Dollar Man" = 216
      "Ramblings in a Notebook" = 216

      "Chicken Shack Terrorist" = 237
      237 + 732 = 969 [Speed of Saturn]

      "Boston Marathon Bombing" = 237
      "Conspiracy Theorist" = 237
      "Flight Seventy Seven" = 237
      "Order of Knights of Malta" = 237
      "Independent Contractor" = 237
      "Stadium Terror Attack" = 237

      "Chicken Shack" = 50 = "America"

      The Volkswagen Bug and Bus are references to the Superbowl LI. Start going through all the combinations of names and colors for the two vehicles and it matches up with Vikings, Colts and Giants and Superbowl LI.

    2. Room 237 is the Moon Room in the movie The Shining. It's the place where nothing is real, and the hot naked babe in the tub turns into a cackling, decomposing hag. It seems to be a number associated with the trickster

  6. I guess it's sheer "coincidence" that his name -- RAHAMI -- is an Anagram for:

    "I AM RAH" ... or ... "RAH I AM" ...

    Also in there: "I HARAM" ... "HARAM I" ... (Haram One?) ... reminiscent of "Boko Haram" -- another one of "their shadowy groups" ... I think it's the one in Africa that they claimed was kidnapping girls? The one with the Black Flag covered with Islamic-looking scribbles in White?

    Also similar to "HARAM-be (Harambe) -- the Large Black Gorilla supposedly killed in order to "save" a Small White Boy ... you know -- the gorilla who became a meme ...

    Someone else may have already mentioned these ... I'm a bit behind ;D :D

  7. The 5 bombs is the 5 pointed star. The coordinates from NJ to NY to the area of capture makes a triangle.

    HARM Againt Islam @ MSfyy

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