Tuesday, September 20, 2016

33 41 42 44 76 106 | Crutcher twins shooting hoax, Tulsa, Oklahoma, September 16, 2016

This shooting took place in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Tulsa = 2+3+3+1+1 = 10/19
Oklahoma = 6+2+3+1+8+6+4+1 = 31/40
Tulsa Oklahoma = 41/59 (Kill = 59) (Negro = 59)

Tulsa = 20+21+12+19+1 = 73
Oklahoma = 15+11+12+1+8+15+13+1 = 76
Tulsa, Oklahoma = 149

The story below begins on August 16, 2016, the day that leaves 137-days left in the year.

8/16/2016 = 8+16+20+16 = 60 (Nigger) (Police)
8/16/2016 = 8+16+(2+0+1+6) = 33 (Police) (Race War) (Order) (Secrecy) (Masonry) (Federal)
8/16/2016 = 8+1+6+2+0+1+6 = 24
8/16/16 = 8+16+16 = 40 (United States) (Oklahoma) (Twins were 40-years old)

With regards to August 16 leaving 137-days left in the year, that is another number connecting back to '33', the number of the race war perpetrated by the police, the "authority".

Notice the story began on the 16th and the shooting was on the 16th.

Further, notice that August 16 is typically the 228th day of the year.

Because this year is a leap year, it was the 229th day of 2016.

Notice below that this incident came while celebrating their 40th birthdays, connecting to the date with '40' numerology.

8/16/16 = 8+16+16 = 40 (Oklahoma = 31/40)

Terence = 2+5+9+5+5+3+5 = 34 (Murder = 34)
Tiffany = 2+9+6+6+1+5+7 = 36

Terence = 20+5+18+5+14+3+5 = 70
Tiffany = 20+9+6+6+1+14+25 = 81

Crutcher = 3+9+3+2+3+8+5+9 = 42 (Nigger) (February) (Brothers) (Boy) (Freemason) (Birthday)
Crutcher = 3+18+21+20+3+8+5+18 = 96 (Freemason = 42/96) (Knowledge = 42/96)

Terence Crutcher = 76/166 (Oklahoma = 76) (Secret Society = 166)
Tiffany Crutcher = 78/177

Them being twins also ties in with 'Oklahoma'.

Twins = 2+5+9+5+1/10 = 22/31 (Oklahoma = 31/40)
T & T

T = 20 = 2; T & T = 2 & 2 (Twins = 22/31)

The date of the shooting, September 16, 2016, is the day that leaves 106-days left in the year.  This is the same day the pipeline exploded in Alabama.

Read about 1921 race riots of Tulsa, OK that began in the 'Greenwood' neighborhood:  http://freetofindtruth.blogspot.com/2015/05/39-59-tulsa-oklahoma-race-riot-of-1921.html

The date of the incident was right for murder.  Also notice the mention of their church commitment above.

9/16/2016 = 9+16+20+16 = 61 (Church) (Miracle) (*God)
9/16/2016 = 9+16+(2+0+1+6) = 34 (Church) (Murder) (Terence)
9/16/2016 = 9+1+6+2+0+1+6 = 25 (Massacre)
9/16/16 = 9+16+16 = 41 (USA) ("Bad Dude") (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

Now notice the name of the officer, 'Betty Shelby'.

This story emerged 9/19/16.

9/19/16 = 9+19+16 = 44

'44', the kill number.

The name of the attorney even has '44' gematria, Scott Wood.

Scott = 1/10+3+6+2+2 = 14/23
Wood = 5+6+6+4 = 21
Scott Wood = 35/44

Notice how this story makes zero sense.  It is supposed to be a call for a broken down vehicle.  Why would someone suddenly dart into the middle of the street?  The details of these stories never add up.  Plus, who calls the police for a broken down vehicle?   AAA?  A friend?  Emergency road side service?

'There was no gun' said 'Jordan'.


This story is 100% bullshit by the numbers.

Notice in the video, the shooting comes in the 44th minute.

In the video shown in the media, the times jump back and forth and do not add up.  Notice above he is shown shot and on the ground at 19:44:23.

Then down below, at 19:44:33, he is shown walking, not yet shot.

How can this be?

It then skips ahead and shows this shot, with the victim bloodied and on the ground.


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  2. "Crutcher Twins" = 181 [42nd Prime]
    "New York Giants" = 181 [42nd Prime]

    The sub headline ties in:
    "Difficult to Watch" = 180 = "Colts vs Giants"
    "Difficult to Watch" = 1519 J

    Write out 1519:
    "One Thousand Five Hundred Nineteen" = 338
    "Superbowl Five One Championship" = 338

    Interesting that:
    "Tulsa PD" = 21, 30, & 93 [Exact Match to Saturn]

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    1. "One World Government" = 239[52nd Prime]
      "Prophecy" = 52

      The script is to use your Human Capital to complete the agenda of One World Government.

    2. Maybe it's like a game of The Sims. Why do people play games? Because they like to, they want to win, etc...
      The Greeks, and Romans used to assume that the gods ran their lives and that's why they built temples and offerings to appease/worship the gods. It's only in recent history that it became one god, and really are any of the modern religions any saner than that? What do Christians say that "God" made the world for? Because he could, I guess, and it was all good until a snake blabbed the secret to Adam and Eve, right?

    3. Jake, I can only assume people like this are here to waste my time and everyone else's. How often do I say what the agenda is? How can a question like this even be asked? It truly is a pathetic question.

    4. Yes...I know, but I'm surrounding by complete ignoramuses in my life, and I know that people can't think. SO for the overly un-informed I like to spell it out for them just in case it is a legitimate comment. Plus...it saves you the hassle of doing so. :)

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    7. Hey CA - Ah, this seems so familiar. Follow Tony Delorenzi or Warriyah Truth, they are not shitheads. Fuck Zach, he's a arrogant asshole dickhead with a ego who craves pats on his back from his ass kissing followers, "Great work Zach", "Way to go Zach", " Your so Awesome Zach, thanks for all the hard work Zach". You say you new to this, yet he calls your question pathetic. What the hell so pathetic about a question from a guy new to gematria ? He gave me the same attitude years ago, so fuck him. He wants to be worshipped as some kinda of genius god or something. Like he created numerology or sum. Get picks right and he's a genius, when he starts missing shit like he did with the Redskins, Colts, and Bears then he acts like he misread something or missed something. Man please!

    8. BowlingAddict - Who knows he probably gets alot of hate mail or something. I'll consult someone else though, cause I didnt come here to be insulted by some numerologist conspiracy theorist. Anyhow, I Dont really believe everything is scripted, but I do believe some going on, its as if some people are trying to incite a race war or something, seems like every week cops are killing people despite all this attention being brought to what they are doing. That was the point of the question, what are they doing? Do they want a race war, martial law, want to outlaw guns, what the hell they trying to accomplish? But screw it, I dont really care no more for real. It is what it is, after all we can we do about it ? Not a damn thing.

    9. CA, all those things are methods of bringing about a one world government. As of now, gematria is the only way to provide proof other than finding errors in media footage as he found above with the times in the picture frames. Knowing things are hoaxes are necessary because If anything it can calm people down. Make them less fearful, and calm any brewing tensions amongst classes, cultures, and races. Plus, with the games being staged if you can decode the predetermined winner though gematria then it can make people wealthier as well.

    10. Ignore that punk. Jayhawk just another Zach ass kisser

  4. Wow great work I'm in Newark nj FEAR is at all time high here fucking crazy LIES

  5. Twins, maybe a subtle play on the Twin cities, maybe the fall of the Vikings.

  6. His sister kept calling him "big bad dude"

    Big bad dude = 41/59