Monday, September 12, 2016

26 33 38 85 119 157 | Fatal Legacy High School bus crash at Denver International Airport, September 11, 2016

Let us begin right away with the fact that this happened on September 11, 2016, at the 'New World Order Airport' in Denver, Colorado.  It happened on the opening Sunday of NFL football as well and there is a major parallel between 'Legacy High School' and 'National Football League'.

The school also ties to 'United States', and this is no doubt a tribute to the nation and football.

Legacy also has the 'God' connection and there is a '53' man roster in NFL football.

Not to mention, this happened in Colorado, home of the Denver Broncos, who just won Super Bowl 50.

Keep in mind Colorado is the 38th state, right for a story of 'death'.

As for the name of the airport, it has that special '137' gematria, the '33rd prime'.

The accident comes 31-weeks after the Super Bowl, or 217-days.  Also notice the 7-months and 4-days.  Recall, 'Mile High City' sums to 74 and more:

Was it a masonic pillar?  KC?  113?

I want to mention that when I heard this story on the local radio, they reported 18 players were killed.  That seems to be an outright lie.

Notice they gave one of the coaches the name Voorhees, like the character from the horror movie.

Notice it was 15-players and 3-coaches injured in addition to the one fatality.  That is a total of '18'.

You might recall that #18, Peyton Manning, closing out his 18th season in the NFL, won Super Bowl 50, on a date with '18' numerology.

2/7/2016 = 2+7+2+0+1+6 = 18


  1. The 18 injured also seem to be a tribute to #18 Manning winning the last super bowl

  2. No hitter alert for the Cubs right now. Hendricks one inning away from a no hitter. It would be 144 days after Arrieta's back in April. 43 days or 1 month 13 days before the World Series.

    1. Loses it on the 96th pitch. 96 = freemason.

    2. Unreal. Cubs won 4-1 tonight. They scored 1 run in the 2nd, 1 in the 3rd, and 2 in the 5th.

      112 coding AGAIN
      2,3,5 = First 3 prime numbers.

  3. You need to check hillary Clinton's early reported death


      Holy fuck.

  4. Eye witness news (7)

    Hilirary is dead and they are using a body wtf

  5. Football ends this year, one theory.

    What would football leave if it left?

    A fatal legacy.

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    2. Brain injuries to both players and viewers.


      The elite have traumatized the public with violence / deceit and advertising for a long time.
      These sports fit the model.
      Just a perspective that's ignored by the masses.

  6. Zach I have no idea if you see comments from older posts, so I'll post here. You might have went over this stuff already, but some points I haven't seen.

    Notorious BIG's first album, "READY TO DIE" released on today's date, September 13th, 1994, and of course Tupacs death falls on September 13th 1996.

    September 13th = 9/13 or written 13/9
    Freemasonry = 139
    Tupac Shakur = 139
    Christopher (Wallace) = 139

    In English Gematria
    Biggie Smalls = 690 = 69
    Sixty Nine = 139
    Big Pun also equals 69

    Ready To Die = 106
    Fitting number to what the title was
    Prophecy = 106

    Life After Death = 120
    Illuminati = 120

  7. On March 9, 1997, at 12:30 a.m

    123= Conspiracy

    Dead on March 9th shot by a 9mm

    Biggie shot 4 times / Tupac shot 4 times 44!

  8. Has anyone noticed the almost invisible code traveling from the top of the page throughout the Germatria calculator page??? WTF is that ?
    Looks like ones and zeros in Hebrew text.

    1. Gematrix is definitely bizarre. The numbers for top searches make no sense. And the shares is usually some play on 322.

  9. I have a screen shot if anyone wants a copy.
    You can see it if you enlarge on your iPhone.


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