Monday, September 12, 2016

37 47 49 52 58 65 74 113 | Rams @ 49ers, MNF, September 12, 2016 (Black Panther Tribute in the air?)

To begin, Blaine Gabbert is starting for the 49ers, and his birthday comes 33-days from today, perfect for MNF.

Notice the 49ers have won 33-games all-time at home agains the Rams.  If the 49ers lose, they'll be 33-33 all-time against the Rams at home.  This will also be their 68th game all-time at home against the Rams.

San Francisco = 50/68

This second Monday Night Football of Week 1 of the new 2016-17 NFL season are the Los Angeles Rams visiting the San Francisco 49ers, restores a rivalry of NFL seasons's past.  Let us begin with the date numerology.

9/12/2016 = 9+12+20+16 = 57 (Kicker = 57)
9/12/2016 = 9+12+(2+0+1+6) = 30 (Todd Gurley's number)
9/12/2016 = 9+1+2+2+0+1+6 = 21
9/12/16 = 9+12+16 = 37 (Thirty-Seven = 57) (Los Angeles = 37) (Game on 37th Parallel North)

***Keenum had 37-attempts last season against 49ers to close out the year, before the return to L.A.

It is interesting to note that both road teams are the favorites tonight.  There is also a whole lot of '49' action as I covered in the prior decode of the first game, Steelers and Washington.

Steelers = 49; Washington = 49; 49 o/u

Remember, '49' is the number of 'Revelation', the book of 'prophecy'.

Recall how the Rams won their first preseason game with '52' points combined, and recall how the man with the '37' name scored their first points of the preseason in Los Angeles.

This is a tough game to call.  An indicator might be in the name of the 'Rams' in the season of Super Bowl 51.  Will we have a 'ram/goat' sacrifice?

Currently, the 49ers lead the all-time series 65-64-3.  Tonight's game will be the 133rd all time, and should the Rams even the series at 65-65-3, there will be a major synch with the 49ers who are hosting the game.

Today's game will be Jeff Fisher's 65th all-time with the Rams.

On the contrary, if the 49ers earned their 66th win to open their season, after hosting Super Bowl '50', that would be symbolic as well.

San Francisco just hosted Super Bowl 50.  As a team, they were once 5-0 in Super Bowls before becoming 5-1 after losing to the Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl 47, the one with the awkward 33 minute blackout in New Orleans.

'66' also has that connection to '33' and 'NFL'.

The 49ers are going for their 66th win against the old and now renewed rival, the Los Angeles Rams.

Revelation is the 66th Book of the Bible.  Again, the book of prophecy.

L = 12; A = 1; L.A. = 12.1.

The name Philadelphia comes from the book of Revelation.  This year the 49ers got head coach Chip Kelly, from Philadelphia, where he coached the 'Eagles'.

Chip Kelly is currently 52-years old.  This game comes 74-days before his 53rd birthday.

Masonic = 74; Jewish = 74; San Francisco 49ers = 74; Colin Kaepernick = 74
*Notice also the span of 2-months and 13-days (213)
*Hand up don't shoot = 213; Black History Month = 213; Nimrod = 213 +more

11/25/1963 = 11+25+19+63 = 118
11/25/1963 = 11+25+(1+9+6+3) = 55 (Big number for Broncos in Super Bowl)
11/25/1963 = 1+1+2+5+1+9+6+3 = 28
11/25/63 = 11+25+63 = 99 (Thirteen)
11/25 = 11+25 = 36 (November 25 leaves 36-days left in the year) (36 or 666, (Prophecy = 666))

His name has gematria of '47', the reflection of the '74' days until his birthday, as we calculated.

Coming into this game, Chip Kelly has coached exactly 47 regular season games.  If you count his playoff total, he has played 48, meaning tonight, his first as the head coach of the 49ers, will be his 49th all-time.

Notice his 10-6 records in his first two seasons.  Philadelphia, the city named from the book of prophecy?

Now let us take a look at 'Colin Kaepernick'.  He has been the big story in the NFL, leading the way with the "National Anthem protests".

This will be Colin Kaepernick's 58th career game for the 49ers.

Last year Cam Newton became the 58th QB to start in a Super Bowl.

In Revelation, there is a lot of '4' and '7' symbolism.  Kaepernic's birthday is 52-days from the game, he will turn 29.  Football = 29

His full name and last name become more interesting in gematria.  Keep in mind that 'Saturn', is said to be the keeper of 'time'.

'Saturn', keeper of 'time'.  Colin Kaepernick is now being used for strategic propaganda at this moment in time, related to the other racial propaganda circulating in the media.  He also once played in Super Bowl 47, the one with the '33' minute blackout.

Again, his birthday is a riot.

11/3/1987 = 11+3+19+87 = 120
11/3/1987 = 11+3+(1+9+8+7) = 39
11/3/1987 = 1+1+3+1+9+8+7 = 30
11/3/87 = 11+3+87 = 101 (Chip Kelly = 101)

On the other side of the ball, we have coach Jeff Fischer.  He ties in with the whole 'BPP' thing.

Recall, the Rams have been in the headlines for participating in the racially divisive news stories in recent months involving police shootings and 'Hands up don't shoot', which is what Colin Kaepernick's protest is about.

Michael brown was shot on August 9, 2016; (Chicago = 81, Michael Brown display in Chicago)

A lot of young black men have died by the number 213; hello Tupac Shakur, hello Len Bias, hello Moses Malone, and so many more...

Notice Mr. Fisher is currently 58-years old, a special number to the gang.

United States = 40/58

Notice Fisher was born in '58 as well.

2/25/1958 = 2+25+19+58 = 104
2/25/1958 = 2+25+(1+9+5+8) = 50 (49ers just hosted Super Bowl 50) (San Francisco = 50)
2/25/1958 = 2+2+5+1+9+5+8 = 32 (America) (NFL) (32-teams)
2/25/58 = 2+25+58 = 85 (National Football League = 85)

Fisher is coaching his 65th game as a Ram tonight, it is interesting that the Rams are going for their all-time 65th win against the 49ers as well.

This game comes 166-days before Jeff Fisher's 59th birthday.

Let us also examine the staring quarterback of the Rams, Case Keenum, another guy with C.K. initials, or 3.11.

Remember, Colin Kaepernick is born on 'November 3, or 11/3; also 3/11.

C = 3
K = 33
CK = 311
KC = 113

Remember, this is the beginning of the 97th season of the NFL, 2016-17.

2/17/1988 = 2+17+19+88 = 126
2/17/1988 = 2+17+(1+9+8+8) = 45
2/17/1988 = 2+1+7+1+9+8+8 = 36
2/17/88 = 2+17+88 = 107

It is interesting that he was born in Brownwood, on the 48th day of the year.

Propaganda = 48; Illuminati = 48; Evil = 48; Hollywood = 48

He also has the same birthday as Denny Green who passed the night before the new Vikings Stadium open, dying precisely 52-days before their season opener in Tennessee; Tennessee = 52

Notice from their games last season, it has been 253-days, and 316-days.  When they played on November 1, the game ended in a sum of 33-points, matching the gematria of MNF.

Notice the 10-months 11-days from the 11/11 game.

Again, MNF has the '33' gematria.

Chip Kelly, before making it to the NFL, coached for the Oregon Ducks, the team from the 33rd state, and the only with a gematria of '74'.  OR = 15+18 = 33

Think about how the eagles abbreviate on the TV screen is commonly written as 'PHI'.  Again, Kelly just came from Philadelphia.

PHI = 16+8+9 = 33

This game also comes in a span of 33-days from Jared Geoff's birthday, the rookie QB for the Rams who is inactive for their first game.

His birth numerology corresponds with '33' as well.

10/14/1994 = 10+14+19+94 = 137
10/14/1994 = 1+0+14+1+9+9+4 = 38
10/14/1994 = 1+0+1+4+1+9+9+4 = 29
10/14/94 = 10+14+94 = 118

Again, this game is a tough read.


  1. Goff is 21 years old. Date numerology 21

    Gurley wears #30 . Date numerology 30

    Los Angeles = 37 date numerology 37

  2. QB Case Keenum might start for the Rams
    Initials CK

    Just like Colin Kaepernick CK. 49ers

    1. Keenum is the starter for the rams. Kap isn't starting.

  3. Kaepernick's b day is 52 days away

  4. Check out my Clinton / Cousins Breakdown post in the previous Monday Night Football Article. Pretty Convincing if you follow numbers.

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  6. Colin kaep 74
    Masonic 74
    Jewish 74
    Panther party 74
    Chip Kelly 47
    Charles 66
    Nfl 66
    Oregon 74 where chip Kelly use to coach
    Chip Kelly 101
    Philadelphia 101 where Kelly use to coach
    9/12/2016 is the 255th day if the year
    Chip Kelly birthday 11/25 he is 52 years old
    Free mason 67
    Revelation 49
    GoldAU 79 September Twelfth 97
    49ers goin for win number 67 at 66 now
    Levi's 67

  7. Check this out. Last night, WWE recreated the Punk/Gall fight...

    I love how they say that they poked fun at Punk. I think in reality they poked fun at the fans by showing how easy it is to script a UFC fight.

  8. 49ers:
    Blaine Gabbert #2 will be starting for the niners, his 10/15 birthday is 33,34 days away.
    Comes 333,334 days after his last birthday.
    Chip Kelly's birthday is 74 days away, or 2 months 13 days away
    He has Kaepernick on his team still so 213 is important:
    Hands up don't shoot 213 O, Kaepernick has become a leading provoker in this topic.

    Case Keenum #17 will be starting for the Rams;
    starting 167 days after
    Jeff Fisher had a 2/25 birthday which was 200 days ago, Gabbert is #2.
    Also Fisher has 169 career wins, going for win 170 with #17 starting for him. Fisher also has 64 games coaches with the rams so this would be #65 and they can tie the series at 65-65 all-time with a win.
    Fisher is looking for his 28th win as rams head coach, Keenum is 28 years old.
    Keenum is 5-10 all-time like 51, and can be 6-10 a rescrambling of 106

    I like the rams to win also.

    1. Demonic Possession = 213 = Monday Night Football

  9. Replies
    1. Like the Queens cypher


      In Eagle Rock, Ca. Someone trashed a 9/11 memorial yesterday

  10. Would they not rather it be 66 w 64 losses for the 666 tribute xD

  11. "Champion" = 201 J = "Colts vs. Vikings"

    "Minnesota Vikings" = 201

    "Superbowl LI Victory" = 93 = "Indianapolis Colts"
    "Superbowl LI Victory" = 93 = "Minnesota Vikings"

    "Superbowl Fifty One Colts vs. Vikings" = 144 <===
    "Superbowl Fifty One Colts vs. Vikings" = 432 [432+234 = 666]

    "Colts vs Vikings Superbowl Five One" = 138, 174, & 192
    "Indianapolis Colts" = 192
    "New World Order" = 174
    "Master Mason" = 138 [138 + 831 = 969 Speed of Saturn]

  12. Hey Zach, according to the last image on this post, the Rams would have to lose tonight for their record to be even at 65-65-3.


    According to this the game already happened

    1. that counts an NFC Championship game between the two, 65-64 49ers not including the 49ers win against rams in the playoffs


    "The 49ers are 20-12-1 in regular season openers at home."

    - A loss will be 20-13-1 (21,31?) or 21-12-1(21,121?)

    "The Niners begin the season on Monday Night Football for the second consecutive season, after defeating the Minnesota Vikings, 20-3, in Week 1 of 2015."

    -Wanted to add just because they brought up Vikings

    "San Francisco has won four consecutive Monday Night Football games against division opponents and four consecutive home games on MNF."

    - Is he hinting at a 44?

    "The Niners lead the all-time home series against the Rams, 33-32-2."

    -A loss would be 33-33-2

    "Later in the season, San Francisco will face the Rams at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum for the first time since September 16, 1979."

    -37 years in the making, a 27-24 defeat. 27+24 = 51

    "The 49ers are 66-64-3 in the overall series against the Rams."

    -A win tonight would be 67-64-3 or 66-65-3

    "The Niners hold a slight edge as the road team in the series with a 33-32-1 all-time record."

    -This is talking about when Ramns and 49ers take place later this season.... what is interesting is if Rams win tonight it goes to 33-33 for the Niners later this year

  15. I like the possibility of a replay of their game held on 10/12/69 LA SF A W 27-21....for the simple fact its a rescrambling of the numbers 09/12/16 lol

    1. Copied results from

  16. Alot going on for both teams. It would be very interesting if Gabbert gets hurts this game...

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  18. During the Anthem

    35 and 7 kneeling for Niners.... 35+7 = 42

    18 and 94 fist raised for Rams.... 18+94 = 112

  19. Replies
    1. Rams could not possibly be trying any harder to throw this game, so amazing!

    2. Did anyone else catch that shot of the fan, that ESPN highlighted, wearing #28 on the Rams, right before #28 on the 49ers rushed it in for the touchdown for their 28th point (with extra point). WOW.

    3. That was a marshal fault
      Jersey - pretty easy to find one but yes you are right with the timing

  20. zero points = 58. Colin Kap started all this kneel down during the anthem. 😂

  21. The Revelation and Bible Code played heavy.. a complete grand mocking and sacrifice of the ram.

  22. (Away / over) then (home / under) if you took action. Complete flip.

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  24. So did Keenum go 3-3 (33) by loosing today in his second stint with the rams and then the ram's failed to score against a team about to go 66-64 (666) all time 49ers v rams. I would think these are the most obvius numbers haha about as suss as Miami's 66-16 record a few years ago.

  25. Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in 47

    Race war continues


  26. So this game was a blowout allowing Kaepernick to enter late in the 4th to make it his 58th game played. Symbolizing the 58 and 74 numbers. Fascinating!


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