Saturday, September 17, 2016

33 322 414 963 | My YouTube videos for today, September 17, 2016

False Flag = 414

3, 6, 9

What day's the election?  What's that number '118' mean?


  1. Semper Fi Bomb--369, lol. That makes me giggle.

  2. All due respect to all.... I looked up the word 'fuck' in Hebrew Gematria, duh, no wonder 'they' want us to master this word and use it on each other!

    "fuck" in the Hebrew Gematria system equals 0

    Just sayin....

    In my book, only Elvis Costello can say, 'Everything is less than Zero'

    Again, thanks for helping me 'see' what I was missing.

    1. ugh, everything you type in Hebrew Gematria is going to show up as "0" unless you use the specific language for that calculator.

    2. Sorry about that, thanks, still learning and exploring. Forgive me.

  3. Zach any parallels to Donte moncrief in the colts game? The guy who is taking care of sirloin tiptons daughter? Feel like he will have a really big game in a statement win