Saturday, September 17, 2016

62 | 62 Syrian Troops killed by U.S. Air Force, September 17, 2016 reporting

***Side note:  My birthday just became more of a trip; July 21, 1983.

7/21/1983 = 7+2+1+1+9+8+3 = 31 (31, the 11th prime)
July 21, 1983, the record temperature was set for coldest recorded on earth (-89C)
89 is the 11th Fibonacci Number

Zachary Keefe Hubbard = 89 (Zach = 38)
Timothy Steven Hubbard = 89 (Timothy = 38) (Check his birth numerology, 4/18/1953)
Mother born September 8, 1952, or 8/9

Anyhow, the bad news today is that '62' Syrian Soldiers were killed.  More on that '62' in a moment.

Remember, if you sum 1 through 63, it totals 2016.

Let us begin with that word 'ceasefire'.  It's very Jew-ma-tria.

The term used more specifically, is a 'delicate ceasefire'.  It probably was a term drawn up in 'Washington' at the 'Pentagon'.  Pentagon = 38; Death = 38; On 38th parallel (Jew = 38)

Notice the '62' soldiers.

9/17/2016 = 9+17+20+16 = 62

Also, I love this back and forth in the headlines with Russia and the United States in Syria.  One day it is cooperation, the next day it is feud.  NWO, 1984, in effect.



  1. Seems to be many parallels between the Philly massacre and this one...

    The 25 yr old woman died, 25min strike

    6 injured, 2 cops, 62 massacred

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  3. Speaking of trips, I had the weirdest dream last night. At the end of the dream I was sitting by a TV when a political ad came on. The guy running had connections with or was running against (not sure) Clinton and Gore and was running for something called Vice Governor (?). I think you were in the room and I gloated at you that I decoded his name faster, which is kinda funny I guess. In my dream, his name summed to 47 and 110, like president. When I woke up, I guess my dream-self miscalculated his name. The interesting part though is what my brain came up with as a name.

    The name of the fictional political guy was Bar Fudz. Bar sounds like an Israeli name to me.

    Bar Fudz = 33

    I guess brains do do gematria!
    Later on in the day I went and got food and my number was 33. Crazy

  4. Sorry for changing the topic Zach but it looks like gematria is alive and well even in amateur sports in ireland.
    The Irish Superbowl is tomorrow!
    Wish i coukd bet

  5. Hello Everybody,

    I found something very interesting with this news.

    Syria in Englisch Ordninal (EO) = 72 and in Englisch Reduction (27), moreover the date show a clear similitude.

    9/17/2016 = 9+17+20+16 = 62 or 9+1+7+2+1+6 = 26

    So it really funny because are a symmetry, very strange.

    Notice -> "Massacres" in ER = 26

    And the planes: Two F-16s + two A10s were involved = 26

    An other interesting point 2+6 = 8 = Chaos
    An 2+7 = 9 which a very powerful number link to 3 as we all know what it means.

    An other observation:
    IRAN: EO=42/ER=24 (symmetry again)
    IRAQ: EO=47/ER=27
    TURKEY:EO=100/ER=28 or 37
    ISRAEL: EO=64/ER=28 or 46 (symmetry again)
    LEBANON: EO=63/ER=27
    JORDAN: EO=62/ER=26 (symmetry again)
    SAUDI ARABIA: EO=86=14/41 (2 order symmetry again)
    KURDISH: EO=90/ER=36 or 45
    PALESTINE: E0=101/ER=38 or 56

    Maybe there are some pattern here.