Saturday, September 17, 2016

33 42 44 52 61 77 | Philadelphia 'rampage shooting' hoax of September 16, 2016 (Let's purge the police)

Rampage shooter hated police = 124/133
Federal Bureau of Investigation = 133
Government = 133

Notice the reporting of 1 dead, 5 injured, including 2 officers.

A woman in Philly, eh?  Why am I thinking of Hillary Clinton, who just had the DNC in Philly?

This story comes from September 16, the date that leaves 106-days left in the year, and apparently teh woman was shot on '52nd'.

Hillary's Convention began July 25, 2016.  Notice the '25th', the reflection of '52'.  The woman who was shot was said to be 25-years old.

Notice the 'rampage' began September 16, 2016, late Friday.

9/16/2016 = 9+16+20+16 = 61

Notice the detail also about the 25-year old woman being shot 7-times.

25 = 2+5 = 7

Thus, 7 and 7 is reported, from the 'police department'.

The word 'massacre' also has a gematria of '25'.  I'm not sure however, that one dead, counts as a massacre, or for that matter, a 'rampage'.

As per usual, the spokesperson's name connects to 'police', Mr. Richard Ross "Jr.".

The word 'Sergeant' has the same gematria as 'officer', 'trooper', 'sheriff', 'military', and 'shooting'.

Sergeant = 1/10+5+9+7+5+1+5+2 = 35/44

Of course 11:20 is a lot like 1-1-2, the alt dialing code for 9-1-1.

Now notice the streets where it occurred, Sansom and '52nd'.  Of course '52' is the number of 'prophecy' and Philadelphia is named from the book of prophecy, Revelation.

In Revelation, the beast rules for 42-months, the number for 'Freemason'.

The name of the officer also connects to 'Pennsylvania' and 'shooting'.

Shooting = 1/10+8+6+6+2+9+5+7 = 44/53

From the date the Convention began, July 25, until the date of the shooting, was 53-days.

His name also has the gematria of '216', the number connected to '666', another number of prophecy.

6x6x6 = 216

4 officers?  Officer = 44

Masonic = 444 (English Gematria)

Notice Tom Wolf the Jewish Zionist is weighing in.

This incident comes 62-days before the Jewish filth's birthday.

Notice he is the 47th Mayor of Philadelphia.

From the January 8, 2016 police shooting hoax until today, is 36-weeks.  Recall, if you sum 1-36, it totals '666', the number of prophecy.  Officer = 6+6+6+9+3+5+9


  1. That 152 connection is super creepy! I can show friends and family this all day long and they will just shrug their shoulders and call me crazy.

    1. They're like my family, fucking losers. That's what America breeds.

    2. I realize that no matter how much I want to open the minds of my friends and family they're minds are just not ready. One must find the truth on their own which makes it 10x more powerful.

      Yes they are losers. Sitting and watching them root and holler on fixed games while the big joke is on them. Pretty sad.

      Keep up the great work!

  2. unrelated but I watched 1:04 video clip of the "star of emergency" declared in Alabama and Georgia over the gas spill - due to potential gas shortages and assured price jumps! drone view shows the number of only one holding tank which is

    373 - the 74th prime

    the article states 6,000 - 8,000 barrels of gas spilled a lot like 68

    the pipeline normally carries 1.3 million barrels per day

    373 and 74, 68, 13

    familiar numbers, y'all. this spill is said to be contained in a retention pond with little adverse effect on anything but PRICES. yeah, a real state of emergency...

    1. the above story is from as is the expectation that Karl will develop into a hurricane soon. I wonder, with Katrina being as devastating as it was are we in line for another K storm of devastation.

      it's been 11 years since Florida has been hit, which was Ivan.

      I = 9
      K = 11

      11 years since (9)van hit Florida
      (11)arl expected to develop and head towards Florida

      just further documentation of storms as I'm working storm claims and paying attention to the weather.

    2. Gas has moved from 2.16 on Sunday to 2.25 yesterday to 2.69 this morning. I tried to warn my fellow Georgians, to little avail. They hit ya on the weekend too, just in time for all the boats on Lake Lanier.

    3. They released shooters name Nicholas Glenn=133,61,70 also glenn=25,52,142 was a black man West philly=59

  3. It's actually written Sansom Streets, plural...

    "Sansom streets" in the English Ordinal system equals 187