Saturday, September 17, 2016

38 39 56 75 93 112 | Packers @ Vikings, SNF preview, September 18, 2016

9/18/2016 = 9+18+20+16 = 63 (Bradford comes in with 63-career games)
9/18/2016 = 9+18+(2+0+1+6) = 36
9/18/2016 = 9+1+8+2+0+1+6 = 27
9/18/16 = 9+18+16 = 43 (Sum of score last time Green Bay won in Minnesota) (O/U 43.5)

The picture above is a tribute to Minnesota and the new U.S. Bank Stadium.

12 = 1+2 = 3
8 = 8

This will be the first game at the new U.S. Bank Stadium, set to host Super Bowl 52.  Recall, Teddy Bridgewater was injured 38-days after they opened the stadium for 'Fan Day'.

The fact that the Packers are in their 96th season is significant.

Freemason = 42/96
G = 42; The divisors of '42' sum to 96

Notice the Vikings are in their 56th season.  Sam Bradford = 47/56

All-time, counting their two playoff meetings, this week's game, SNF, will be the 112th match between both teams.

Notice the Packers lead the series with 58 wins, the Vikings trailing with 49.

Further, notice this will be the 110th regular season game between the two teams.  '110' connects to 'Minnesota'.  What is interesting, is in their 110th game all-time between the two teams, Minnesota lost.

Notice in their 110th game, where Green Bay won in Minnesota, the game summed to 43-points.  This Sunday's game is on a date with '43' numerology.

Coming into the game, this will be Aaron Rodger's 121st regular season game, and 134th total.

This game will come 75-days before Aaron Rodger's 33rd birthday, December 2, 2016.

The head coach of the Packers, Mike McCarthy, is going for either his 106th win or his 56th loss.  Sam Bradford, giving McCarthy his 56th loss, in the 56th season of the Vikings, seems to make a bit of sense.  It would be a memorable way for Bradford to start his career with the Vikings, upsetting the division rival Packers and Aaron Rodgers.

If Bradford falls short, he will earn his 38th career loss, in his first start for Minnesota, in the first game played at U.S. Bank Stadium.  Minnesota = 38; U.S. Bank Stadium = 38

The head coach of the Vikings comes in 33-regular season games under his belt, plus one playoff loss.  Remember, that was the one with the shanked field goal from 27-yards out on the date with '27' numerology; just like the date numerology of this game.

If the Vikings sweep the Packers this year, they will have earned 51-regular season wins against them, and 52 all-time including their playoff win.  Again, this is the year of Super Bowl 51, and it will be played on 5/2, kind of like '52', the Super Bowl they're hosting.

Their second game with the packers is on a date with '52' numerology, in Week 16.

12/24/16 = 12+24+16 = 52

For one more thing leaning the Vikings way, this is SNF.

Minnesota Vikings = 75/93

Recall last year, this big tribute by the numbers for the Vikings on SNF against the Giants: