Wednesday, September 14, 2016

33 44 58 76 83 119 147 | The death of St. Paul Mayor Larry Cohen, September 11, 2016, at age 83 (Vikings Super Bowl 51 bound?)

This man died on September 11, 2016, the opening Sunday of NFL football.  He passed at age 83, and was the former Mayor of St. Paul until 1976, the last year the Vikings went to the Super Bowl.

The death of this Civic Giant is further confirmation of the NFC Championship to come, Giants and Vikings.

His name also synchs well with the date of his passing, September 11.

119 = 1+1+9 = 11 (Vikings were last in Super Bowl 11)

 Notice he was born April 17, 1933.  That is a date that can be written 17/4, like '174'.  He has died 147-days after his 83rd birthday.  Master Builder = 147 (22 is the master builder number)

Let us decode his birth and death numerology quickly.

4/17/1933 = 4+17+19+33 = 73 (Sacrifice)
4/17/1933 = 4+17+(1+9+3+3) = 37
4/17/1933 = 4+1+7+1+9+3+3 = 28
4/17/33 = 4+17+33 = 54 (54 is often paired with 93) (Carrie = 54)

The film Carrie, written by a different Lawrence D. Cohen, released in 1976:

9/11/2016 = 9+11+20+16 = 56 (Larry Cohen) (11)
9/11/2016 = 9+11+(2+0+1+6) = 29 (11) (LI = 29, Jewish Gematria)
9/11/2016 = 9+1+1+2+0+1+6 = 20
9/11/16 = 9+11+16 = 36 (9) (Ramsey = 27/36) (Carrie = 36)

The Vikings are in their 56th season this year as well, and the day they acquired Sam Bradford, there was the 5.6 quake in Oklahoma, where Oklahoma lost to Houston with a game summing to '56'.

Sam Bradford = 56

Again, he way Mayor of St. Paul the last time the Vikings went to the Super Bowl, in 1976.

His full name is the reflection of this number, connecting to 'blood sacrifice'.

As for St. Paul, it has a connection back to football as well.

St. Paul = 19+20+16+1+21+12 = 89 (89, the 11th prime number) (Football is 11 vs 11)

It also has a connection back to the gang that runs the NFL by the numbers.

Recall, there are major parallels between the Vikings and Colts this season, and the Colts just lost their game with a closing rare safety at the end to the Detroit Lions.  That might have been a tribute to '76' as well.  It came in a span of 76-days from the death of Zurlon Tipton, who died in Detroit, a rival of Minnesota.

The end of the Vikings and Lions game summed to 74-points, Lions 39, Colts 35.  That could have been a tribute to Larry.

In the year '74, the Vikings defeated the Houston Oilers, now the Tennessee Titans, 51-10, on a date with '97' numerology.  This year is the 97th season of the NFL, and it ends with Super Bowl 51, in Houston, where the Titans are formerly from.  Of course Minnesota just opened their season against the Titans, the same day Larry Cohen died.

10/13/74 = 10+13+74 = 97 (97th season of NFL this year) (97, the 25th prime)

41, the 13th prime; Shaun Hill, #13 (Tribute game)

Also interesting are the recent games with the Vikings and Texans.

Look at the dates of the games.

10/10/2004 = 10+10+20+04 = 44 (Super Bowl on '44' date)
11/2.... Houston = 112; 11/2/2008 = 11+2+20+08 = 41 (Super Bowl = 41)
12/23/2012 = 12+23+20+12 = 67 (Blood sacrifice) (Freemasonry); 11/23/12 = 11+23+12 = 47

Super Bowl 51 will be the 47th Super Bowl of the modern era.

Does it really say he died at 4:40?  Again, St. Paul is on the 44th Parallel North.

Kill = 11+9+12+12 = 44

Super Bowl 51 (LI), is on a date with '44' numerology, February 5, 2017.

5/2/2017 = 5+2+20+17 = 44

Cohen's death also comes exactly 147-days before the upcoming Super Bowl.

Also, notice this death takes place in Ramsey County, the same County that had the story about the missing boy, Jacob Wetterling:

Again, the boy was found after missing for 27-years, and the date he disappeared, the Vikings beat Detroit in Michigan, with a game summing to 27 points.

That story took place in '89, also connecting to St. Paul.

Cohen, a very Jewish name.  Pro sports, run by the Jewish cartel.

Notice the address, '616', the number said to be the real '666' by many.

They service was Tuesday, September 13, a date that can be written 13/9.

Notice from the headline up top, the 'Landmark Center' is what will be his lasting legacy.

Please also read Brother Berg's decode on the subject here:


  1. They made a point to mention "Landmark Center" in sub-headline.

    Landmark Center = 139/58/67

  2. They called him a "civic giant"

    Civic giant = 52 (ER) (Prophecy)

    Hint at Vikings-GIANTS NFC?

    1. Did you have that already? Sorry... Missed that. I was reading while at work lol.

    2. They called him a "fun uncle"

      Fun uncle = 96, 33


  3. I won't overload this with anything else, but I will say that I found Gematria of 222 coded one way or another at least three times in this article. From the date of his death to the anniversary of Prince's death is 222 days. Could be a coincidence, who knows.

  4. how would they go to SB without Teddy? Shaun Hill or Sam sure wont lead them there.
    I am new to this please explain

    1. Why do you believe that Sam Bradford or Shaun Hill won't take them to the Superbowl?

    2. Shaun Hill could do it, they just have to have an impressive defensive year and RB. Kinda like when Tampa Bay won the whole thing.

    3. Sam Bradford starts Week 2 you guys. Shaun Hill couldn't do shit. The league is rigged, but not rigged enough to put Shaun Hill in a Super Bowl. This is the year Sam Bradford's fake injuries finally pay dividends.

    4. And Bridgewater isn't even a good QB. It is an old NFL narrative that one QB goes down, and someone better emerges.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Sounds like this ties into Philando Castile.

      black man down?
      "black man down" in the English Reduction system equals 41

      27 years missing boy?
      "BLM" in the English Ordinal system equals 27

    7. interesting.
      What about this article?

    8. i am believing in giants vs colts now more.

    9. I don't understand why everyone was saying Vikes were over when Teddy B went down. 14TDS in 16 games. He wasn't that great. Despite what ppl may think of Bradford when healthy he is a huge upgrade from Teddy B. Remember Trent Dilfer won a SB and he was garbage.

  5. "Ritual Sacrifice" = 616

    "Six One Six" = 138 = "Donald Trump = 138 = "Master Mason"
    138 + 831 = 969 [Speed of Saturn = 9.69 km/s]

    They way they have the address written:
    "Six One Six Mississippi Blvd, St Paul" = 235 & 496 <====

    496 is the 3rd 'Perfect' Number

    Services held at the Temple of Aaron?
    "Temple of Aaron" = 141 = "World War III"

    At 2pm?
    2pm is the 840th Minuet of a day:
    "United States of America" = 84

    "Two O'clock Post Meridiem" = 101, 110 & 263
    an exact match to:
    "Order of the Skull and Bones" = 101, 110 & 263

    The final line of the article finally gives it up:
    "Shiva will be held there on Tuesday and Wednesday" = 180 & 207

    "Colts vs Giants" = 180
    "Superbowl Five One" = 207

  6. The Patriots because of what's going on and we all know witch Kraft the owner runs the NFL. The narrative will be Jimmy G or Brady just like osweiler vs manning.

    On the other side to keep the script going it's Eli or Rodgers.

    Dark horse is lions, colts, Broncos, steelers, and I'm adding Tampa. Winston is gaining momentum to replace Cam as the new pet monkey.

    Zack you have Colts, Giants and Vikings.
    Let's see week 10... The first half of season means nothing. Scripts change its not the NBA.

    All you need is a WILDCARD to play in the big show and a scaraficial lamb.


    1. I see where you're coming from, but Brady isn't retiring this year, unless of course it's scripted for him to. Then I can see Jimmy G breaking out in these next 3 games. It'll be interesting to see once Brady comes back.

    2. So you think Brady goes 5-2 in Superbowls for the 52 (Prophecy)?

    3. Brady could be 5-2
      Belichik is going for ring #7
      Patriots go SB in an election year
      Patriots won a SB vs Carolina @NRG 12 years ago.
      Vegas has them at 5-1 like 51
      Brady is chasing Montana a 5th ring would make him the Goat.
      If Matt cassel won 11 rigged games Jimmy G can win 3-1 Brady goes 9-3 total of 12-4 win division home field.
      ESPN week 5! Brady's return chasing ring #5
      This shit is in your face.

      I understand that it's unpopular to disagree with the threads owner but my independent mind brought me here. I'm not a prophet I'm not a Germatria expert but without a doubt it's not the only factor deciding who goes to SB because numbers work for all 32 teams it was designed that way. The NBA is way easier to control and predict.

      Just go back to my earlier post. I'm pretty accurate on picking teams, Zack knows this.
      I'm here to learn to add to my theories.
      NFL and CFB I'm 35+ years in.

      There are fake injuries all the time but don't forget it's a collision sport.

      I get all the connections to Houston by Andrew luck, I also understand Eli will have to lose a SB at one point, Broncos D can carry me to the SB.
      Steelers also going for #7
      Packers could easily win their division

      Maybe Peterson sacrificed his child for a SB or the Rushing record.

      Maybe Peyton is in the booth hoping Eli goes 2-1

      Maybe riots cancel the SB, or earthquake or nothing happens.

      I respect the work everyone puts in and this is just my opinion unpopular as it may seem.

  7. The key here is if u already no out come why watch... Lmao great job Zach.. By being in the no u can watch with friends an explain as the game goes.. U no y the 3 an outs, y the bs penalties, y the missed fg,..etc lol..

  8. An most of all telling whose going to win... This work is undeniable... Only a real fool would dispute it

  9. Hey Zach did u hear about ex FBI agent caught in Trump towers who was supposedly killed years prior also had non traceable glock?