Wednesday, September 14, 2016

35 44 59 101 163 220 | September 14, 2016, Colin Powell calls Trump a 'pariah'

This headline has the 'assassin' connection.  That was big in the August 9 Trump headlines.

As for the word 'Periah', it has gematria of '35', reminding of the last President to be assassinated, JFK, the 35th President, the only 'Catholic'.

Today's date has the death and JFK connections as well.

9/14/2016 = 9+14+20+16 = 59 (Negro) (Slave) (Blues)

In the article, Powell talks about Trump's roll in the 'birther' movement.

Remember, Trump is trying to become the 44th Person to be President, and Obama is the 44th President.  Obama, #44, was the focus of the birther argument.

'44' is the other 'kill' number.  JFK was the 35th President, but also the 44th term President.

This story comes a total span of 163-days after Colin Powell's 79th birthday, and not by coincidence.

Isn't it funny how they name these Manchurians?  Colin LUTHER Powell?  I wonder why his middle name is Luther????  Martin LUTHER King Jr.?  Martin Luther is also who rose up against the Catholic Church.

These headlines come 55-days before the election, or a total span of 56-days.


  1. PARIAH =159. COLIN LUTHER POWELL =1590. Both those are in Jewish Gematria.

    Personally, I'm hung up on the fact that an F'n KID is now writing the News for CNN. Maybe its because of his Gematria, but its still disturbing...

    Eli Watkins =123. International Pariah =1230. Colin Luther Powell =1320.

  2. Powell lashes Trump = 235 (EO)

    235 coding AGAIN.

  3. "Powell calls Trump a Pariah" = 101 & 110
    "Order of the Skull and Bones" = 101
    "President" = 110

    Another headline says:
    "Powell: Trump is an international Pariah" = 167 [39th Prime]
    "Trump is an international Pariah" = 138 & 336

    138 + 831 = 969 [Speed of Saturn = 9.69 km/s]
    336 + 633 = 969 [Speed of Saturn = 9.69 km/s]

    "Donald Trump" = 138 = "Master Mason"

    "Harlem New York City New York" = 336

    "Blue Pill" = 336 J
    "Backboard Magnet" = 336 J

    Pretty Interesting that 336 Ordinal converted to Satanic Gematria:

    336* 6 = 2016 <=====

    1. Don't Forget that:

      "Make America Great Again" = 426 J = "Mind Control"

      Zach....Do you have Excel?

  4. Zach I listened to your radio show and at the end you were talking about the nascar chase. I have a friend I am really trying to convince all these sports are rigged and it would be really great if you could look into some of the upcoming races.

    I noticed in the race on 4th of july weekend, the same day as Richard petty's (the king) birthday there was a tribute. on lap 20 which was going to be a mandatory caution any way car #38 hit the wall and brought out the caution flag. 'The King" equals 38 in reduction. i know its not a big betting sport but it would be really helpful if we could figure out the winners so he can see that even nascar is scripted.

  5. Colin was born April 5th (4-5). Kind of like 45'

    False Collapse= 45

    Pneumonia= 45

    45 Days between Sep. 11th and Oct. 26th Hillary's Birthday.

    Colin Luther Powell " in the English Reduction system equals 85 (Hillary= 85)

    Hillary Henchman" in the English Reduction system equals 79
    (Powell 79 Years Old)

    From Colin Powell's 79th Birthday until Hillary's Stage Collapse on the 15th 9-11 Anniversary. Similar to 56 Days?

    Five Months Six days" in the English Reduction system equals 79

    So Powell was the first politician to give Hillary election aid after her staged Collapse 3 days ago.

    First Responder " in the English Reduction system equals 78 / 87 / 96

    Powell Born April 5th The 96th Day of The Year. This Year because of The Leap.

    First Responder Colin Powell" in the English Reduction system equals 133

    First Responder Colin Powell" in the English Ordinal system equals 322

    1. Stage Collapse = 45 (*Not False Collapse)

  6. Is it just me or

    White Powell=148=Donald J Trump?


    Lighten up, Powell=195, 1170=Blackened Donald Trump

    1. Black Trump=117

      King of Spades=126

      Black Don=62

      Black Donald=79, 474, 155