Wednesday, September 14, 2016

35 44 59 101 163 220 | September 14, 2016, Colin Powell calls Trump a 'pariah'

This headline has the 'assassin' connection.  That was big in the August 9 Trump headlines.

As for the word 'Periah', it has gematria of '35', reminding of the last President to be assassinated, JFK, the 35th President, the only 'Catholic'.

Today's date has the death and JFK connections as well.

9/14/2016 = 9+14+20+16 = 59 (Negro) (Slave) (Blues)

In the article, Powell talks about Trump's roll in the 'birther' movement.

Remember, Trump is trying to become the 44th Person to be President, and Obama is the 44th President.  Obama, #44, was the focus of the birther argument.

'44' is the other 'kill' number.  JFK was the 35th President, but also the 44th term President.

This story comes a total span of 163-days after Colin Powell's 79th birthday, and not by coincidence.

Isn't it funny how they name these Manchurians?  Colin LUTHER Powell?  I wonder why his middle name is Luther????  Martin LUTHER King Jr.?  Martin Luther is also who rose up against the Catholic Church.

These headlines come 55-days before the election, or a total span of 56-days.