Sunday, September 4, 2016

33 47 49 66 | #14 to #33 for Notre Dame's 35-31 lead changing score over Texas Longhorns, September 4, 2016

On the pass from #14 to #33, the very Catholic Notre Dame Fighting Irish went up 35-31.

Let's cover the numbers.

33+14 = 47

Catholic Church, Catholic College, JFK was #35, the only Catholic President to date

CC... 33...

35+31 = 66

Revelation is the 66th Book of the Bible, corresponding with the date numerology of today.

4/9/2016 = 4+9+20+16 = 49 (Revelation)

The score could still get there.  By there, I mean 49.


  1. so many codes I don't know where to begin - wow amazing what a game and what crazy scripting by the numbers!

  2. UT over ND 50-47 otime what does it mean?

    1. Super bowl shout out, it was 37-37 at end of regulation.
      37 is 12th prime number...
      Most on here will pin it to Luck's jersey on the colts. Nd is from Indiana.

      I however feel it was a shout out this way..
      The LSU v. WI game was an upset at Lambeau field
      In Green Bay, Wisconsin, which happens to have English Sumerian gematria of 1212. That alone may be the connection, I take it as a confirmation of what I was rolling out tomorrow a day with 51 gematria. A Rodgers v. Brady Super Bowl. It would be GB and New England's 12th meeting.
      GB PACKERS have 31 playoff wins, with a first round bye they would get into the super bowl with 33 playoff wins. Brett Favre this year was the 5th Packer to go 1st Ballot into the Hall of Fame.. 51
      As far as numbers that tie teams and towns to super bowl Li..
      You gotta know that 47 is extremely important to the masons. Well get to that no. Later. Mathemetician Euclid had an impossible geometric riddle related to 47 that all first thru third degree masons learn upon initiation and advancement.

      Date 2/5/2017

      2/5 can be 52 (C.MATTHEWS #)(E land on Roberts # Pat's Rookie from U of Houston) Oh snap, wasn't that another nice upset a few hours ago? U better effing believe it.

      Now the goosebumps...
      Green Bay coordinates
      44.5192 N X 88.0198 W
      Oh! 44, and .5192 could be rounded to .52
      New England Gillette Stadium Coordinates
      42.0909 N X 71.2643 W
      OH! Flipped it's dead nutz. 17 and 42.

      Why C. Matthews? P.E.D.'s - English ordinal 44, again a strong link to date numerology of 44.

      Now that people is why it won't be Andrew no-Luck or the Queens Giants.

      Back to Favre and Saturn Day's games..
      His one record that will stand is 297 consecutive starts.
      297 / 9 = 33 and 9 yesterday's date, sort of 9/3. But any way I'm on a roll..

      Adding up the super bowl wins and subtracting super bowl losses for GB I+II+XXXI+XLV-XXXII=51
      4 wins and 1 loss, if they made it and won, it would be 5 wins and 1 super bowl loss. 51

      When the Packers beat the Patriots in the Super bowl 31, it was the first year of Fox broadcasting either the SB or football at all, it escapes me. The game this year is on Fox. A shout out to that super bowl between Drew Bleed-so and HOF Brett Favre.
      FOX, with English gematria of 666.
      THERE's YOUR 666.

      I forgot to mention the shit your bed moment,

      Vladimir Putin also has an English gematria of 1212, and why does that matter?

      Remember Jewish philantropist business magnate New England Patriot owner Robert Kraft? And his Stolen Ring (133 English gematria) Putin stole it or the us government urged him to change his story, said he gifted S.B. XXXIX ring to Putin. It is now in the Kremlin on display..
      Kremlin 244 English gematria, another 44.

      Diving into prophecy,
      Thomas Edward Patrick Brady - 106 English red. Also we get the strongest Mason connection with his full name, 2203 English Gematria flip it and remove the zero and we have 322
      PACKERS nickname
      GREEN AND GOLD = 106 E.O. and 61 E.R.
      61 is 18th prime number. Now the 18 connections.
      NRG stadium opened on date with 18 numerology 8-24-2002

      Fox = 18 E.R.
      C.F.R. = 18 E.R. Council on foreign relations (if you don't know the C.F.R. you are an amateur.) Robert Kraft is balls deep in the C.F.R. it's where CNN and Saudis and Bush's and Oil co.s meet to plan world shit. People in high places. Pablo Escobar has been said to have had a rep. In the C.F.R. years back, too.
      Other 18, HCSCC which is the governing body of the bull riding that goes on at NRG stadium, the only nfl stadium to host rodeo events, yeee-haw!
      And Adele hits the 18 E.R. whether she's in or not doesn't matter, the rumors and headlines are the importance.

    2. Had a typo on New England's coordinates this auto complete on this blog is brutal, too
      Date numerology again from above gave 4 numbers,
      New England's coordinates are 42N X 71W
      A flip of the 17 and 24

      Green Bay is
      44N X 88W

      Sorry this is long, please follow along, I read all of your Juggalo's shit.

    3. I have a Lot more, but THEY, have prevented my last two posts, so I'm thinking I am on to something 'Grand'

    4. @insane unknown

      You are exactly what I've been saying... Germatria is only one part of many moving parts.
      You basically just fucking rocked this shit. Please go back into hiding. Thanks for the TIP! Godspeed !

    5. I might be one of THEM, though. I've been doing my own gematria on myself and it's eerily similar to something crazy, or part of the fabric.

    6. Ok a little more kool-aid, there's a lot of new people posting and reading and they can reference to this topic ND v. U of TX

      Super bowl connections that matter..
      Russia E.G.
      Fifty-one E.S. helps tie more russia and put from above post.

      Packers won SB 45
      Tom Brady was the 199th pick in the draft out of Michigan, he recites this every time he's in playoff mode 199 is the... You guessed it, 45th prime number.
      NRG Stadium = 45 E.R.
      Three one (31)= 45 E.R.
      This 51st, will be a tribute to the 31st super bowl which was played in 'New Orleans' 45 E.R.
      Super Bowl Ring Stolen = 345 E.O.
      Foxborough, Ma = 145 E.O.
      FOX WAIT, SEE THE PARALLEL with fox?
      Fox (again..) 45 E.O.
      Adele (again..) 45 E.G.

      12 much more of it..
      Robert Kraft ' s fraternity wat 'ZBT' = 12 E.R.
      'LI' = 12 E.R.
      Vladimir Putin = 1212 E.G.
      Green Bay wisconsin = 1212 E.S.
      Victory Tour = 2112 E.G.
      Wait, W.T.F. is the victory tour?
      Robert Kraft financially backed the Jackson Five on a comeback tour called the Jackson Five 1984 Victory Tour.
      Who names a concert a victory? It's significant because Robert Kraft has a poster in his office of this very tour, I have seen it, or have I?
      'Mike McCarthy' = 774 E.S.

      More 33
      Packers have 31 playoff wins, with a first round bye they need 2 wins to get in the super bowl with 33 total payoff wins.
      In the season I thing they are tribute to XXXI, the pack was 13-3 in their regular season, 33

      47th modern era S.B. says wikipedia
      Paul Hornung was #5 and the #1 pick overall draft, so 51 but his birth date is 47 days from the super bowl.
      'Holmgren' = 47 winning coach of S.B. 31
      'The Bachelorette' = 147 E.O. remember Aarons brother was on the show and... won, if that's what you call it. There is much more. I had to post some of this today, Which now has a Gematria of 51, in my time zone.

      Brett Favre #4
      Tom Brady 4 game suspension, just didn't want to forget.

      Michael Jackson
      His death to SB 7 YRS 7 months and 11 days. The 77
      'Discount Double Check' = 77

    7. 85
      Ed Hochuli's first super bowl was XXXI, he was a line judge or something. His jersey number was 85, it probably still is. He will probably be the head referee.
      'Referee' 44 E.R.
      'Ed Hochuli' = 85 E.O.
      'NRG Park' = 85 E.O.
      'Robert Kenneth Kraft' = 85 E.R.
      'Green Bay Wisconsin' = 85 E.R.
      If that's not a connection between them all I do not know what is.

      One more for the bookies,
      'Twelve' = 87 E.O.
      Super Bowl Fifty One = 87 E.R.
      Jordy Nelson and Rob Gronkowski have #87, and are each MVP material.
      'Minister of defense' = 87 E.R. and 744 E.G. another 44.
      The minister of Defense was the late great Reggie White
      'Reggie' was what they used to chant repeatedly. = 51.

      Everywhere you look it's New England v. Green Bay. Winner doesn't matter, numbers often point to both the loser and the winner.

  3. Yo Zach Your work is brilliant. You've probably recognized i comment on your YouTubes often. I'm an amateur MMA fighter out of Pittsburgh and have been a huge fan of UFC for awhile. When I saw your work on UFC it really opened my eyes. I ran some info on he UFC 203 card in Cleveland next weekend that in going to. What are your thoughts?? Do they usually put the majority of the coding on the winner or loser?

    UFC 203

    9-10-2016 in Cleveland, Ohio



    Stipe Miocic = 58/ 726/121/508

    Freemasonry = -58

    Blood Sacrifice =121

    Alistair’s B-day numerology-5+17+19+80 = 121

    5+1+7+1+9+8+0 = 31

    Thirty-one is the third Mersenne prime (25 − 1)[1] as well as the fourth primorial prime, and together with twenty-nine, another primorial prime, it comprises a twin prime. As a Mersenne prime, 31 is related to the perfect number 496, since 496 = 2(5 − 1)(25 − 1). 31 is the eighth Mersenne prime exponent. 31 is also the 4th lucky prime[2] and the 11th supersingular prime

    Stipe’s B-day numerology -8+19+1+9+8+2= 47

    Ohio =-47 (15th prime)

    8+19+82 =109 (29TH prime)

    Ohio = 29/47

    UFC Two Hundred Three = 92 the reflection of 29

    8+1+9+1+9+8+2 =38

    Overeem = 38/498/83/605

    Alistair = 35/ 89/534/440

    UFC 203 on 9+10+16= 35

    Kill = 44

    Cleveland= 33

    Masonry = 33 –the # obsession

    UFC 203 numerology 9+1+0+2+0+1+6 = 19 ( the 8th prime)

    UFC HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION =116/1452/242/2393

    116 days from Alistair’s b-day on 5-17-16 to UFC 203 on 9-10-16

    One hundred sixteen =204

    Alistair Cees Overeem = 204

    119 days from when Stipe won the belt on 5-14-16 to UFC 203 on 9-10-16

    22 days from Stipe’s b-day on 8-19-16 to UFC 203 on 9-10-16

  4. Do Phil CM punk brooks vs mickey gall please

    1. Looks good for CM. CM is like Conor McGregor. CM=33. Punk also has the same birth day has hillary. Some 232 connections with cms b day if I remember correctly. Have to look into it more. But those few things stand out.

  5. And they beat notre dame on beyonce's birthday, how nice.

  6. Hey Zach.. who you got winning in week 1 of nfl..

  7. Hey Zach.. who you got winning in week 1 of nfl..

  8. Under Armour Jersey=1950/1380/230/86 Symbol=86 (138/831) Football+Index Finger=99 Nine Nine=188 Bavarian Illuminati=188
    Gold Nike Helmet=840/313/140/68 (8/4) Propaganda=48 Gold Helmet=606/249/101/47 249:2×4×9=72 World=72 Time=47/144

  9. Hey Zach, I have been reading things about the burning man festival and I don't understand its significance. I realize that there probably is after this years burning of Da Vinci's vitruvian man. Any insight on that would be great!

    1. Burning Man = 50/113
      It is supposed to be a money free festival about celebrating the things that are good in life, but most people just go to get high and have sex... which isn't necessarily bad, but it isn't doing anything to change the world like it was supposedly intended.

  10. Are we gonna do a panthers vs Broncos prediction before the game???

  11. Best part of the game tied at 44..then Irish score 3 to go up 47-44. I figured it was over. I guess the only Catholic win will be Villanova. Satans way of mocking the God. Same with dangling Tebow.

  12. Coach Charlie Strong of TX coached me at one point in my life at ND, hmm. Like I said above. And I am laying down the red carpet so to say.