Sunday, September 4, 2016

College Football Week 1 Scores +The closing game, Notre Dame at Texas 'Longhorns' & the Jesuit / Pope Francis tribute

These are scores for Week 1 of the College Football season.

The opening game of the season was August 26, 2016, Hawaii vs Cal, in Australia.

Notice the sum of '82' points.

Barack Hussein Obama = 64/82/91

33 points?  84 points?

A lot of scores pop here.  What I intend to do this season are save the scores each week so we can go back and reference what happened what week for ease of determining the championship.  

Before we go, notice the final game of the opening week is on a Sunday, with the Catholic school, Notre Dame, closing out against the 'Longhorns'.  Notre Dame are referred to as the 'Fighting Irish'.

'Longhorns' has the same gematria as Society of Jesus, the official name of the Jesuit Order.  Recall, it was a big number on the college basketball championship this year, won on April 4, 2016 by Villanova, the Catholic School.

Villanova won the college basketball championship on April 4, 2016, 191-days after the Catholic Pope departed the United States on September 27, 2015, which is the Jesuit Order's birthday.  Pope Francis is also the first Jesuit Pope.

Jesus = 10+5+19+21+19 = 74
Christ = 3+8+18+9+19+20 = 77

Villanova won 77-74, defeating North Carolina in their 106th year as a basketball program

Pope Francis the first Jesuit Pope.

12/17/1936 = 12+17+19+36 = 84 (Jesuit) (Sundary)

Elohim = 122; Freemason = 122 (Francis Bacon)

Notice it has been 49-weeks since Pope Francis left the country.

191 is the 43rd prime number

That ties in with Mother Teresa being made Saint Teresa this morning:

13 Colonies; 13 Stripes; 13 years of public school programming +

Notice the date of establishment, for the Jesuit Order, September 27, 1540.

9/27/1540 = 9+27+15+40 = 91

If you sum every number 1-13, it totals 91

1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13 = 91


  1. Speaking of 89, Sam Bradford's birthday is 89 days before the Superbowl. May be significant.

    1. Today is 5 months 1 day before super bowl 51, keep an eye on the Minnesota Twins final score

    2. Also keep an eye on the Mets score, its 5-1 right now..

  2. I think all the Texas teams won the first week.

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    Thought you might get a kick looking at the old stadium Houston used before the Astrodome. 33,000 capacity of course, and the testing grounds for Monsanto's Astroturf.

  5. About that Clemson vs Auburn game. lol
    With the score 19-13 Clemson, Clemson had a chance to put the game away with a chip shot field goal. Instead they ran the ball on 4th and 4 and was stopped. Giving Auburn a chance to win the game with 40 seconds left. I thought it was odd and I went and checked the betting line. Clemson was a -7.5 point favorite. They would have covered the spread with the field goal.

    Also a lot of the condensed clips for this game on YouTube, leave out that 4th and 4 play. You can only see it watching the full game lol.

    Point spread.

    Go to the 15:00 mark to see the fuckery lol

    1. Great heads up, thank you! This is the kind of stuff that told me the league was rigged long ago.

    2. Thanks Zachary, I'm learning a lot from your blog.

      BTW that video has been taken down. Rigged sports!

  6. St Norbecks Green Knights won 33 years ago in Lambeau.

    Green Bay beat Dallas in Ice Bowl (33).

    Wisconsin won yesterday.

    And with all the 49 numerology (9/4) & (9+4+20+16)... And all the Catholic symbolism floating around...

    I'm going Green for the luck of the Irish today straight up on the money line.

    1. tickhound Was it you who posted a link to the gematria for the NFL football teams by any chance??? I thought I'd bookmarked it...

  7. Look at clevelands win today. 2016 511
    79th win

  8. Yesterday it was the 'Crimson Tide' (blood/blood sacrifice) vs. the 'Trojans' (trojan horse/invasion/deception/lies), with Alabama winning 52-6 (58 points - Von Miller/Freemasonry). Notice that it was played in Dallas on 9/3 (39/93) on the 33rd parallel where Kennedy was assassinated. 2016 broken down equals 9 (2+1+6), which is the ultimate death number before rebirth 2017 (1). Your thoughts?

    1. A prelude to an attack, civil war, invasion, or something else relating to a Clinton presidency?

  9. Tyrone swoopes cousin of Sheryl swoopes (first player ever to sign on wnba houson comets)scored a touchdown at 1:12 to make it 20-14 reminding of day of the year Prince died 4/21 112th day


  10. That's interesting you mention King James = 89, Lebron James played for the Fighting Irish = 89 in high school.

  11. 37-37 !!!!!! lool please someone look up a banner posted 3 days ago "nate boyer" #37 responds to 49ers QB

    1. texas kicker is transfer from LSU lol you can't make this up!

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