Thursday, September 1, 2016

44 71 92 107 144 | Friday September 2, 2016 earthquake in New Zealand reporting

Notice this earthquake has struck on Friday, September 2, New Zealand time.  The reason CNN is reporting the distance being from Wellington, New Zealand, is because it has gematria of '92', a lot like September 2, or 9/2.

Wellington = 50/131
New Zealand = 42/105 (New = 42)

The 7.1 reporting also reminds me a bit of the gematria of earthquake, and has a parallel back to the Fibonacci Sequence, where '144' is the 12th Fibonacci Number.

107, 7.1...


  1. I was just talking about the 1989 World series Earthquake and how it connects too 2016 Rangers in the 54 Days Article from earlier.

    Arlington Wellington " in the English Reduction system equals 97

    Nine Seven" in the English Reduction system equals 44

    Texas New Zealand" in the English Reduction system equals 57 / 66

    (World Series = 57 & 66 )

    I'm sure this site is watched. So I may have just stopped a HARRP Earthquake from occurring during The Series. You're Welcome Texas

    1. Well Arl" in the English Ordinal system equals 83

      Well Arl" in the English Reduction system equals 29

      Ington" in the English Reduction system equals 34

      Ington" in the English Ordinal system equals 79

    2. I like to think that we have all prevented some things with our gematria predictions.

    3. Great work Coca. Thank you. The goal of this blog is to wake up enough people to what is going on so that we can put it to bed. Good night Mike Mannings of the world.

  2. Zach check out my comments under yesterday's Mike Zimmer post, If the Vikings sign Josh McCown, there's a definite connection

    1. If they sign Josh McCown, their Super Bowl hopes will be over. I'll check it out.

    2. Josh McCown (born 4 July 1979 in Jacksonville, Texas. Drafted 81st in the 2002 NFL Draft 3rd round) goes to Vikings for season 2016, that means they guaranteed won't win it, but may still make the SuperBowl? Or this makes way for a Colts vs Giants SuperBowl 51?

    3. Joshua Treadwell McCown, reminds one of Treadstone from those Jason Bourne movies. Josh's younger brother Lucas Patrick McCown also is an NFL QB for the New Orleans Saints. Josh seems to be another 'NFL family' type. Considering how many people try to play in the NFL, it does seem strange how a lot of families are involved in the game/team-rosters (brothers, father & son, uncles)