Tuesday, September 13, 2016

45 | Statistics support Hillary's 'deplorable' claim, September 13, 2016 headlines

5:23 post time (523, 235, 253, 325, etc.)

Deplorables has a gematria of '46', but the word 'deplorable' has a gematria of '45', like 'Pneumonia', which Hillary was said to have exactly 45-days before her birthday.  Again, this is the race to be the 45th President.



  1. Another day, another picture of Trump with his mouth open, pointing a finger up.
    And the microphone placement is no accident.

    1. For sure. They are having a blast tweeking Trump. He falls for everything, like an ADD 5th grader.

      It will all end soon. HiIIary* is your president for the next 8 years.

      *or some actor double if she croaks.