Thursday, May 3, 2018

53 123 | Twitter says all users should change their passwords, and kanye West's songs have been pulled in Detroit, May 3, 2018

Remember March 15, 2017, the 74th day of the year, when all of my accounts were hacked, including Twitter?  If these people need our passwords, they have them, which this article hints at.

And more on Kanye West's recent remarks about slavery and choice.

Radio = 47 (Ordinal)
Songs = 74 (Ordinal)

The word 'song' has base gematria of 53, like today's date, May 3, or 5/3.

Today, May 3, is also the 123rd day of the year, connecting to 'Kanye West'.

Conspiracy = 123 (Ordinal)

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