Wednesday, June 19, 2019

19 46 62 64 | Death of ICW champion, Lionheart, after cryptic tweet, June 19, 2019

Here is the first reported celebrity death of June 19, 2019, a date which carries the infamous numerology of 44 and 64.

6/19/2019 = 6+19+20+19 = 64
6/19/19 = 6+19+19 = 44

Notice what he posted just hours before his death, a quote from the Netflix show "After Life".

Notice this about his ICW career...

 He has died 199-days after becoming heavyweight champion of ICW as well.

He has died 6-months and 2-days after his birthday.

Again, he was a member of 'Insane' Championship Wrestling.

He is also dead on the 19th.


  1. He is the second Adrian this week you have discussed. Wasn't Adrian the name of Rosemary's baby?

  2. Famous DJ, Philippe Zdar mysteriously fell "accidentally" out of a Paris building too.

  3. 'After Life' is also 46 in full reduction

  4. He died 4-weeks and 6-days after Ashley Massaro.

    "Thirty Six" = 46(Septenary)

    "Adrian McCallum" = 36(Septenary)
    "Haunting" = 36(Jewish Reduction) the news says he died after a "haunting tweet."
    "June 19, 2019" = 36(Full Reduction)


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