Sunday, June 16, 2019

32 33 131 | Corona Costco shooting was done by off-duty police officer, June 14, 2019

This is an update to the story from Friday.  Now we find out it was an off-duty police who was responsible for the 'Corona' Costco shooting.

Corona is on the 33rd Parallel North.

The family that was shot (3 people...), are said to be Indian.

They're reporting the deceased victim is 32-year-old Kenneth French.  Keep in mind 32 and 33 are important degrees to the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

The shooting was on a date with 32 numerology.

6/14/2019 = 6+14+(2+0+1+9) = 32


  1. Kenneth French is the name of an Indian guy? Really? I doubt any one was killed, to be honest, but no doubt shots were fired and sent shoppers running so that they could not be witness to any death as there was not one.

  2. Zach, have you looked into the power outage down in South America that reportedly happened today? According to Wikipedia, at 7:07 (Power = 77) on today, 6/16/19, the entirety of Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and parts of Brazil had a black out.

    Power outages = 57, today is a total span of 57 days until 8/11/19
    Power = 22, today is 6+16=22 and 8+1+1+2+0+1+9=22

    As a side note, 6/14/19 was Trump's birthday/Flag Day, a span of 58 days until 8/11/19; Power = 58.

    This came to my attention especially since yesterday AND today my power flickered on and off rapidly THREE times in a row, and others in my area (North Metro ATL) have experienced similar instances today and yesterday. Are the elites testing turning off the power grid for the upcoming 8/11 false flag?

    1. Matt Corey very interesting and great decoding. I live in Southern Ontario, Canada, I am not aware of a flicker with my power but I may not have been in the house. Today my son and his girlfriend were over and she was talking about their electricity flickering on and off the other day. They live about a 1/2 hour away but the same County. I'll have to ask her if it was three times.

  3. I’ve noticed that since Etsy dumped Zach and his book, their website has a new look and they are advertising on television now. I wonder if they were rewarded for kicking Zach to the curb.


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