Monday, June 24, 2019

73 | Giannis wins MVP for NBA's 73rd season, June 24, 2019

Giannis has won the MVP for the 73rd NBA season, go figure.


  1. Golden Gate Bridge 1937
    New Mint SF 1937
    London bridge 1973
    Warriors 73 win season lost championship

    Lakers vs Bucks Kareem ritual ?

    1. Kareem's DOB is 4/16(416), which is Toronto's Area Code

    2. Lakers vs Toronto/Milwaukee likely 2020......

  2. If anybody is looking into free agency...

    Do we think it's a coincidence that Uncle Drew dropped on 6/29
    Kawhi bday and also the same day Drake came out with Scorpion??

  3. "Giannis Antetokounmpo"=107(Reverse Full Red.)
    Kareem's DOB is the 16th of April, and next year (2020) he will turn 73 in a leap year. Which will make April 16th the 107th day of the year. "Father's Day"=107(English Ordinal)
    Also, "Father's Day 2019" was the 16th of June and June/Juno is the 4th month on the Roman Calendar, hence 4/16.

    "Giannis Antetokounmpo And Kareem Abdul Jabbar"=240(24)(Rev.Full Red.)
    Giannis is 24 and the NBA Awards were presented on the 24th of June.
    24 + 24 =48 and the 48th prime is 223.
    8/11 (811/118) is the 223rd day of the year.
    From June 24th to August 11th a span of 1 month 18 days (118/811).

  4. Did anyone see the article about Deshaun Watson spending a week and being baptized in Israel?

  5. His bio claims a wing span of 7'3"

    "The Bucks" = 73(Reverse Single Reduction EP) - The Milwaukee Bucks played their 73rd game of the season during the playoffs on 4/30/2019(4+30+20+19 = 73!!).

    The ceremony came on the 24th, a span of 12-days after the conclusion of the season.

    "Twelve" = 24(Full Reduction)

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