Thursday, June 20, 2019

India's sixth largest city nearly out of water, June 20, 2019 news


  1. ??????????? So many questions here. My heart goes out to them!

  2. "Droughts"=112(English Ordinal)
    The Emergency Dialing Code in India is 112.

    "United Nations"=620(Satanic)
    620, 6/20-The date of the story is 6/20 and the article mentions NGO's which are connected to the United Nations.

    "India's Sixth Biggest City"=134(Reverse Ordinal)
    "Tisha B'Av"=134(Reverse Ordinal)
    "One Hundred Thirty-Four"=115(Full Red.)
    "Psychological Operations"=115(Full Red.)
    115th prime is 631(63 x 1 =63)
    "Cherembarambakkam"=63(Full Red.)
    "India"=63(Francis Bacon & Jewish)63/93-The #6 is the #9 upside down.
    "Water"=93(Francis Bacon)
    "Saturn"=93(English Ordinal)
    Saturn is the "Sixth" planet from the Sun. Which coincides with the "Sixth" biggest city in India.

    1. Also, "Rituals For August 11th"=115(Reverse Full Red.)


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