Sunday, June 16, 2019

39 55 167 223 | Sara Netanyahu convicted of misuing public funds +June 16, 2019 plea deal

The deal has been agreed to 223-days after her 60th birthday.

Notice the fine is $55,000 shekels.

June 16, 2019, Sunday, the date the judge accepted the plea deal, is the 167th day of the year.


  1. Off topic but I was just looking at Tishabav 1968 and it was on 7/24 the day Apollo 11 landed in the ocean. Which made me think of Comet Shoemaker who hit Jupiter on Tishabav eve on the black Sabbath...
    And it's exactly 1308 weeks between Comet Shoemaker hitting Jupiter and Black Sabbath 2019 which is 8/10

    "third temple of Jerusalem" = 1308 (English Extended)
    "Augustus" = 1308 (English Extended)
    "Divine Bloodline of Jesus" = 1308 (English Extended)
    "The Book of Revelation" = 1308 (English Sumerian)

    It would be fun to gather up all the interesting NASA coding an do a show just on them.

  2. 55,000 shekels = $15,200 ...
    15,200 = "Fifteen Thousand Two Hundred" = 119 red
    119 is the Octal of 167 ... June 16 is the 167th day of the year.
    Every little detail is configured. :D ;D

  3. Of course 118 factors in --
    "Show Trial" = 118 ro , 44 red
    This nominal "punishment" is little more than a distraction from the massive fraud, fear & destruction committed by the Netanyahus. No doubt some devoted Zionist (probably American) will not only pony up the fee, but will also donate a hefty sum into a Swiss bank account to compensate the Netanyahus for their "pain and suffering". :D ;D


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