Saturday, June 15, 2019

88 115 | Death of Pat Bowlen, June 13, 2019

Pat Bowlen has died 115-days after his 75th birthday.

Masonic = 115; Killing = 115

He has died a span of 88-days to the start of the Denver Broncos season. 


  1. He was born in 1944, the founding year of cleveland browns, before they started play in '46.
    PB, like Paul Brown...that's a reach for comparison lol, but ain't no such thing as coincidence.

  2. You can tell John Elway is an evil motherfucker... Watch out now for Browns/Broncos/Steelers vs 49'ers/Saints/Eagles in SB

  3. Bowlen was a sac for Elway/Manning

  4. If the Braves score stays 15-1 watch out for a World Series Win!

  5. Here's who I have in the playoffs in the 2019 Season:
    1. Steelers-14-2
    2. Patriots-12-4
    3. Chargers or Broncos-11-5
    4. Titans or Texans-11-2
    5. Browns-11-5
    6. Broncos or Chargers-10-6

    1. Rams-13-3
    2. Cowboys-12-4
    3. Saints-12-4
    4. Bears-11-5
    5. Eagles-10-6
    6. 49ers-10-6

    AFC Championship
    Patriots/Browns vs. Steelers

    NFC Championship
    Rams vs Cowboys

    SB 54
    Steeler vs. Cowboys

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