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47 55 | The Gematria encoding of the film Rosemary's Baby (June 12, 1968)

The film released on a date with 42 numerology.  The beast rules for 42 months in Revelation.

6/12/1968 = 6+12+(1+9+6+8) = 42

1260 days?  Think about the date, June 12, or 12/6...

The film is set in the year 1966, emphasis on '66.

*The film is 2 hours 16 minutes and seconds long.  6x6x6 = 216

The film is set in New York.

Rosemary's Baby is about a woman who becomes part of a Satanic plot, where her actor husband trades the pregnancy of his wife, Rosemary Woodhouse, to bring about Satan, for success in his acting career, which comes as soon as he makes the deal.

In the 55th minute of the film she finds out she is pregnant.

Rosemary is from Omaha, Nebraska.

The coven of witches that are responsible for the plot, are lead by Adrian Marcato.

They trick her into wearing a charm with 'Tannis Root'.

*It might be interesting to look into this Hollywood type that goes by the name Adrian Marcato:

In the end of the film, when the child is born, it is revealed that Satan's other name is Adrian.

Verify the count of 47 here:

Keep in mind there are 47 mentions of Satan in the NIV.

In the 47th minute of the film, Rosemary is impregnated by the 'beast'.

When she wakes up after being raped by Satan, her husband tells her it is 10 after 9.

60+60+60+60+60+60+60+60+60+10 = 550 (550th minute of the day)

Even more, Rosemary's husband's name is Guy Woodhouse.

The film is by Roman Polanski.

The leader of the cult in the film is Roman Castevet.

Don't forget who likes 47.

The name of the building that the story takes place in is the 'Bramford'.

*Mia Farrow is the main actress in the film.

John Lennon was shot outside this building.

In the film, there is a suicide outside the building that happens just after 16 minutes.  In the background of the suicide scene, you can clearly see a VW Beetle.  Think about it.  John Lennon, the Beetles...

The real name of the building is the 'Dakota'.

12/8/1980 = 12+8+(1+9+8+0) = 38 (*In numerology, 12 is 3...)

As for the director, Roman Polanski, there are a few other important notes.

Notice he is born August 18, or 18/8, like 188.

The child is born in the film on the date June 28, 1966.

6/28/1966 = 6+28+19+66 = 119

The film released 67-days before his 35th birthday.

35th birthday...

After the child is born, the room celebrating the birth of Satan, exclaim, "Hail Satan!"

As for the star actress, Mia Farrow, the film released on her 125th day of her age.

Notice the 4-months and 4-days as well.

Rosemary's last name is 'Woodhouse'.

*There is also a quick scene in the film of the Catholic Pope, with the numbers 9 and 27 put on the screen.  September 27 is the Jesuit Order's birthday.

Don't forget about the 33-day Pope, who went to bed on September 27, and never woke up again.

In the film, Rosemary reads from a book about witchraft from 1933, 33-years before the year the film is set in, 1966.


  1. I'm wondering what's what made Zach write an article about a film made by a director's asshole showing a satanic cult.There are date-to-date calculations that show strange things.

    From Wed Jun 12 1968 to Thu Oct 24 2019 is:
    - 51 Years, 4 Months, 1 Week, 5 Days
    - 51 Years, 19 Weeks, 1 Day
    - 51 Years, 4 Months, 12 Days
    - 616 Months, 12 Days

    From Tue Jun 28 1966 to Thu Oct 24 1985 is:
    - 19 Years, 3 Months, 3 Weeks, 5 Days
    - 19 Years, 16 Weeks, 6 Days
    - 19 Years, 118 Days

    From Tue Jun 28 1966 to Thu Oct 24 1985 (end date included) is:
    - 19 Years, 119 Days

    From Tue Jun 28 1966 to Wed Oct 24 2018 is:
    - 52 Years, 118 Days
    - 19111 Days

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  3. Excellent job Zach. I remember in the film, Rosemary is informed about the cult's use of anagrams and she pulls out the game Scrabble to get the tiles with the corresponding letters needed and rearranges them till she gets a word.
    "anagram" = 55, 28, 134, 44
    "Scrabble" = 62, 26, 154, 55


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