Wednesday, November 20, 2013

93 WTC Bombing to 9/11, 3119 days

Numbers.  Some say they are everything.  Would you believe the February 26, 1993 WTC bombing and the September 11, 2001 attacks were 3,119 days apart?  A curious number, and let me show you why.  Within it, you can gather the dates 3/11 and 11/9, which could represent March 11th and September 11th respectively.

In the history of the WTC, you'll find the building was first approved by the port authority, on March 11, 1961, and in the wake of 9/11 the tribute lights shown for the first time on March 11 of 2002.  As for September 11, that goes without saying.

If you think this is coincidence, think again.  The Madrid train bombings occurred 911 days after 9/11, on March 11, or 3/11/04.  It was 3/11/11 the Fukushima disaster began.  If you don't know about HAARP, please learn about it.

These dates, 3/11, and 9/11, are clearly ritualistic, possibly pertaining to sacrifice, and used by the Illuminati often.  Look at all the acts of violence on these dates over the years.  You don't want to be a coincidence theorist.
  • 3119
  • 3/11 (March 11th)
  • 11/9 (September 11th)
  • 3 x 11 = 33
See how Russia and the United States fits into it...
  • USA = 311
  • USSR = 3119
  • Russia = 931191
The world is a hoax, we live in a preplanned bad science fiction novel.  Sorry to be the barer of bad news.


  1. its not you who are the bearer, its them, what they do is blatant and as plain as the lines on my hand.

  2. Zachary can't read the captions in the comic anyway u can link? Not sure if u will see his anyway, super old post


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