Friday, November 22, 2013

I Had a Dream About MLK

I had a dream about Martin Luther King Jr.  It was like no other dream I have had about the man.  He is one of my heroes, but never before had I noticed something strange about his name.  No, not that he is named after the man responsible for the Protestant Movement, Martin Luther; it is something much stranger.  It is the span of letters his name runs.  13 through 11, and with the Jr. 10

MLK... or 13-12-11
MLKJ... or 13-12-11-10

Martin Luther King, the letters M, L, K.  M represents 13, and the 'm'idway point in the alphabet.  It is a significant number to the Illuminati, as the original Illuminati organization consisted of 13 families.  It is believed by some, and possibly true, that the 13 original colonies were a signature tribute to the Illuminati, as are the 13 stripes on our present flag, and the 13 stars on the original flag. The letter K represents the number 11, which to the Occult, is the number representing Satan.  11 and 13 are two of the most important numbers to the Occult.

In Occultism, the numbers 1-9 represent the numbers of you could say, human beings.
The number 10, represents god.
The number 11, represents the devil.
The number 13, in a sense, represents man's ability to do good or evil.
The reason the sequence of numbers 911 have meaning, is because when 9 skips to 11, it is to say that God was subverted by Satan.  It has meaning.  It has significance.  There is a reason it repeats and they use it time and time again.
There are more numbers, and much deeper meaning.  This is just a gist.

In other words, MLK's name, in Illuminati number symbolism, from Jr. to Martin, represents, God, Satan, and the righteousness and wrong of man.

Is it possible to believe that MLK was used for some devious plan?  As possibly my favorite American from history, it is sad for me to think about.  So sad.  Either way, I think Martin Luther King, Jr. did this world a great justice, especially in the last year of his life.  I don't know if truer words have ever been spoken.  Then again, if I were to find out it was all scripted, just like Berry Obama, boy... I would be really bummed out.

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