Wednesday, November 13, 2013

50 Year Anniversay to JFK Assassination Countdown: Zachary Taylor

Zachary Taylor was the 12th President of the United States, his term lasting from March 4, 1849 until July 9th, 1950, when he reportedly died after five days of severe food poisoning.  He was the second President to die while in office, following the death of the 9th President William Henry Harrison.

Before President Taylor died, he was attempting to stop the spread of slavery to western territories.  It is said that had he succeeded, the Civil War might have been entirely avoided.  In a world where wars are needed by ruling bankers, this would have been a major problem to contend with indeed.  It is possible his death made all the difference in history.  Imagine had he lived, and the Civil War been avoided, what that might have done for the future of the nation.  Perhaps it would have spiraled us on a different course, more free of war, and hatred, and classism, and such.

It has been theorized that Zachary Taylor was poisoned to death by Arsenic, atomic number 33 on the Periodic Table.  In 1991, Zachary Taylor was removed from his grave and tested for this very possibility.  It was determined that his body had some arsenic in it, but not nearly enough to kill him.  While President Taylor might not have been poisoned by arsenic, couldn't he have been poisoned by something else?  The official story- A death from cucumbers and cold milk, and a date of illness stemming from the 4th of July, seems a bit peculiar to me.  You?

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