Wednesday, November 13, 2013

UPDATE: Terror Drill Simulation for BOA Stadium, Charlotte, NC, Day After Boston Bombing

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In Columbia, SC, a city located directly on the 33rd parallel, a terrorism drill was practiced a day after the Boston Marathon Bombings, in which it was simulated that an explosion took place at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, NC during a full capacity event (70,000+ people).  The drill took place April 16th, 2013, and the story as covered by WSPA News Company can be read here.

This coming Monday, November 18th, 2013 (322nd day of the year), The Carolina Panthers will host the New England Patriots, at Bank of America Stadium, on a 33-acre plot of land, in a battle of conference titans.  Recall, 33 is the number of sacrifice and 322 is the number shown as the stadium explodes in Batman, as well as a number associated with Yale's Skull and Bones as well as other secret societies.  One thing's for sure, the house is sure to be packed this coming Monday Night for a big game between two good football teams, and the game is certain to be widely viewed by a television audience due to its prime-time positioning.

Also on April 16th, 2013, a drill was practiced on Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania, where a simulation of a nuclear meltdown at a power plant was taking place.  All public facilities within 10 miles, including public schools, took part in the drill.  More on that story here.

As for nuclear power plants near Charlotte, the closest is McGuire Nuclear Station, located 17 miles outside of Charlotte.  The state also has two other operating plants.

Boston Marathon Bombings "Hero" Carlos Arrendono
With regards to these drills coming the day after the Boston Bombings, it reminds of this image as
shown to the right.  What does a bloody U.S. flag symbolize?  And why was this image shown so often in the media?  Also, do you notice the Bank of America in the background?  Perhaps, this shot was a clue for things to come?  Never forget, you do live in a world ruled by bankers!

Also, this man holding the flag, Carlos Arredondo, was a vocal protestor of the wars when his son was lost in action, and his other son committed suicide as a result of the loss of his brother.  Somehow, someway, he was persuaded to participate in the fake events of the Boston Marathon Bombings.  It makes me wonder, was he told that by participating in this staged event, he could help save real lives from having to be spent on the battlefield?  It is hard to say, one can only wonder.  If you would like to watch Carlos Arredondo's testimony against the wars, please watch them in the YouTube video below.

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