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Illuminati Watch: Titanic Teasing

Almost all of us have heard the story of the Titanic.  The story teaches us nothing is invincible, even the biggest, strongest, sea vessel ever constructed.  If you don't recall the legend, it is of the largest boat ever made, believed to be unsinkable.  Of course the irony of the story is, that the Titanic sunk the first time it sailed.  While the story has merit, the truth of the matter is- the story is a lie.

Why is it a lie you say?  Because you've never been told about the Olympic, the sister ship of the Titanic, that was built two years before the Titanic, and sailed the same route the Titanic sunk on; between Britain and the United States in the Atlantic.  When you learn about the Olympic, you learn the legend of the Titanic isn't as amazing as you once believed.  It isn't as amazing because an identical ship in size, every bit as big as the Titanic, had been sailing.  Not only had it been sailing, it sailed that same route for nearly two years, and the Olympic was piloted by the same Captain Smith, who is responsible for sinking the Titanic.  In other words, Captain Smith had not only experience sailing a boat of that size, he had significant experience with the sea the Titanic was traveling on.

Some historians wonder if the Titanic even sailed at all.  A month before the Titanic was set to sail, the Olympic crashed into a navy vessel while coming into port.  In turn, the haul and propeller of the ship needed repair.  The ship was sent to Belfast, where the Titanic was being completed.  It is believed that at this time, the Olympic received some cosmetic improvements, and a 're-naming', from Olympic to Titanic.  It is also believed that the propeller blade of the Titanic, was removed from that ship and placed on the Olympic to repair the damage it incurred when it crashed into the Navy Vessel.  To date, those who deny the switching of the Olympic to the Titanic, say the propeller blade found on the sunken ship, is proof the boat is actually the Titanic.  But is it really?  There is more evidence suggesting it is not.

For example, take the 1898 novel, Futility, written by Morgan Robertson.  The story is of the largest boat ever built, the Titan.  In the book, a devious plot of assassination and fraud is carried out, when the largest boat ever made, the Titan, is sunk intentionally on its first voyage after hitting an Iceberg, in the Northern Atlantic.  Either this Morgan Robertson was a psychic, or he knew about something, not unlike the brother of the Oklahoma Governor who wrote about a "Tom McVey", who destroys an Oklahoma Federal Building before later flying a plane into the World Trade Center.  The book, The Final Jihad, was written before the OKC Bombing and events of 9/11, in 1991, and first published in 1994.
  • Morgan = 4+6+9+7+1+5 = 32
  • Robertson = 9+6+2+5+9+2+1+6+5 = 45
  • Morgan Robertson = 32+45 = 77
  • The "77th Meridian" is the "American Meridian"
  • The phrase "Knights of Templar" has a Gematria of 77
Back on the topic of the Titanic, a little known fact about the sinking of the ship, is who was in attendance on the boat that evening.  Before that is discussed however, it is important to note that the regular crew for the Olympic, were unwilling to sail on the Titanic.  It is believed that many in the crew knew about the intentional sinking plot that was about to be unfolded.  This article also discusses the wealthy elite who were advised to set sail on a different ship.  Those who didn't receive this advice however, or at least didn't listen to it, were John Jacob Aster, Isidor Strauss, and Benjamin Guggenheim; or the world's richest man, the founder of the Macy's stores, and a man who has museums named after him, respectively.  What these three very wealthy individuals had in common, was their resistance to the idea of a central bank being recreated in the United States, as they knew it would negatively impact their financial wealth, as it had to financial tycoons of the past, who were not on the 'inside' of the banking system.

On April 14th, and in the early morning of April 15th, these three men would all perish, along with their resistance to the soon to be formed Central Bank, better known as, The Federal Reserve.  It should also be noted, that 47 years earlier, Abraham Lincoln was shot in the evening of April 14, and died in the early morning of April 15, not unlike these three gentleman.  What the four also have in common, is that they were opposed to the Central Bank, and were using their power to stop it.

Even to this day, the powers that be, the Illuminati as they are often called, continue to tease us with the story of the Titanic.  For example, look at what date they released Titanic 3D on, April 4, 2012.  If you have read this blog, you know the significance of the date April 4, and how it pertains to assassination.  If you have not read that blog post, please do so here.

When you look at all of the evidence, from the Olympic, to the fiction novel written 14 years earlier about the sinking of the Titan, to the men who did not make it off of the boat, it becomes abundantly clear something is not right about the story of the Titanic.  When you look at what came after the sinking, the motive for such a plot is understood.  On April 15, 1912, the Titanic sinks.  On December 23, 1913, the Federal Reserve became a reality, and in 1914, World War I began.  At this point in history, Britain's economy was sinking and their global empire was threatened by rising powers such as Germany.  It was a time when Britain was in need of outright fraud to stay afloat, and that is part of the reason they needed the insurance fraud money from the Titanic.  The sinking of the Titanic was not enough however.  The third ship built, even bigger than the Olympic and Titanic, the Britannic, was also sunk, in very suspect fashion.  I'm surprised they haven't made a movie about it.

We'll close with a mainstream article detailing 33 things you didn't know about Titanic.  Please don't forget, what that number 33 signifies to the Illuminati.  Do you see now?  If not, keep reading this blog as there is much more evidence coming.

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