Saturday, November 16, 2013

Boston Bombing Actress is "Starter" for Charlotte's 9th Thunder Road Marathon

Nicole Gross, with torn clothes, but no injuries, doing her part
to sell the lie of the "Boston Marathon Bombings"
Saturday, November 16th, 2013, world famous liar, and Boston Marathon Bombing actress, Nicole Gross, will wave the starting flag when Charlotte's 9th Thunder Road Marathon begins.  It should be noted the Thunder Road Marathon is a qualifying marathon for the Boston Marathon.

Erika Brannock, another Boston Bombing liar, will do her part to compound the propaganda this week in Charlotte as well.  She is going to cross the finish line, with her "new prosthetic leg", since she was not afforded the opportunity at the Boston Marathon.

Erika Brannock is truly missing a leg, but it wasn't lost at the Boston Bombigs, as no one was truly injured by the fake, Hollywood style explosions that erupted on Boylston Street.  Instead, the leg was lost some time before, and Erika is likely one of the military's amputee actors that are used to train active duty soldiers.  What's an amputee actor you ask?  Please watch the following CNN video so that you can be informed on the subject.  After learning about amputee actors, please know they were used in the Boston Marathon Bombings, to add to the "reality factor".

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