Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Do you know Carlos Arredondo, better known as the Boston-Marathon-Bombing-cowbow-hat-wearing-hero?

In 2007, Carlos Arredondo  was testifying against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq after he lost his son who was serving in the wars, and fatefully, another son, when he committed suicide after hearing news of his brother's death.  Carlos became a very angry parent and his testimony is clear and passionate when he speaks against the war, and how his son was able to join without his permission.  Also of interest, Carlos Arredondo clearly says he is an illegal immigrant to the United States of America.  His 2007 testimony can be viewed in the video below.

On April 15th, 2013, Carlos Arredondo, was the front and center hero of the bombings, being interviewed and broadcast by all the major networks.  But was he really hero, or was he an actor?  Please watch the following video, from start to finish, and then judge for yourself.  These are extremely important matters that deserve our attention as people of a Democratic Nation.  Without information, how are we to make informed decisions?

In the footage shown in the video above, you listen to Carlos Arrendondo explain how he applied the
tourniquets to stop the bleeding on Jeff Baum, who he then helped wheel down the street to safety.  The picture of this event is as shown, and leaves one wondering, if Carlos Arrendono truly applied two tourniquets, to two completely severed legs, how then did he manage to only get a little bit of blood on his right sleeve and keep the rest of his clothes clean?

It leaves one wondering, what is the incentive for an illegal immigrant, who is angry at the United States for the loss of his sons, to participate in such a cause, that is to be a "fake hero" in a "fake bombing", that causes much hardship for millions of people for deceitful reasons?

If you haven't done any research on the Boston Marathon Bombings and have just accepted the story as is, please watch the following CNN Video in which they do a special story on "amputee actors".  When you start to see how these industries exist, of professions within the military that you could never imagine, you start to see how such a hoax can come to be, as the Boston Marathon Bombing did.

*Please click on the image to the right, and read the captions.

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