Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Is Barack Obama CIA? Are Our Politicans Actors and Actresses?

Barack Obama, Rick Santorum, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and probably more, are all using cheap, pre-planned, fainting acts in public crowds, where audience members faint and the politicians respond, as a diversion tactic at public speeches and town halls.  Watch and you will be astonished, possibly even admonished towards your political party, if you happen to be a Democrat or Republican.

Also, keep in mind, from 1980-88, Ronald Reagan, a Hollywood actor first and foremost, was the President of this country, with the Head of CIA, George H.W. Bush, as his Vice President.  Just think about that for a second.  Who do you think had more say between the two?  And in their first term together as President and Vice President, do you know who was graduating from college!?

Barack Obama! 

Speaking of the CIA... do you recall who Barack Obama said his first job out of college was with?  He alludes to this employer in the books he has authored, and his first employer was 'Business International Corporation', an admitted CIA-front-company.  In other words, CIA agents who need false identities and employers for their 'spy cover', used 'Business International Corporation' as their means.  After you watch this video, and if you pair that with how easily this man can go out in front of public audiences and speak in opposites like a smooth-willy, the thought of this man being CIA in present day doesn't seem too far off.  It makes you wonder, is it possible that since the CIA came into being, under 33rd President Harry Truman, that we've seen a number of 'under-cover' CIA Presidents, without even knowing it?

Watch this video and let your imagination wander.  It is good for you, I promise.  The more you observe, the more you'll see we live in a big show, a big illusion, constantly hiding the truth from us.  It is time to lift the wool, expose our politicians, expose our media, and restore sanity and justice to our nation, possibly for the first time, since the Natives.

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