Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Why did 'they' change they Sabbath 'day'?

The changing of the Sabbath day, from Saturday (Sabados in Spanish), to Sunday, is often traced back to council of Laodicea, of 364 AD, in which the Pope of the Catholic Church officially changed the day of worship, from Saturday, the Sabbath Day, to Sunday, the day of Pagan worship (Pagans worship the Sun God, thus why the day also has its roots in the word sun).  What must have been strange at the time, was for Christians to understand why this change was being made and enforced by the church, when their book of worship clearly stated that Saturday, or the Sabbath Day, was the day of worship, and Sunday, was the day of rest.

Is it possible, that Christians, widely across the world, have been worshiping on the wrong day, for nearly 2,000 years?  Isn't it amazing how people at a certain moment in history, can change things for thousands of years to come?  The evidence of these phenomenon are seen all throughout the world.  They're also seen on smaller scales, in cities like Los Angeles, where auto manufacturers literally designed the city, with the strategy of maximizing the need for automobiles (thanks to the suburbs) while at the same time crippling public mass transportation, and making changes from electricity to oil and coal on the busses/train cars of the time.  Point is, manipulations occur in history, and they change us for the better or worse ever after, or until it is changed again by some other force.  Currently, the food we eat, the education system we are subjected to, the jobs and wages we endure, the burdens, they're all manipulations of a system, that almost all of us, find ourselves enslaved to.

Back to the subject of Christianity.  Most people know, almost all traditions considered "Christian" by today's standards, are actually Pagan.  From tree worship, to crosses, to the actual days of worship.  The similarities, at this moment in history, are undeniable.  That doesn't mean either worship is wrong, it just shows that they have a bond, or at least have somehow grown to have a bond.  What we must ask ourselves is, is the bond natural, or has it been manufactured and manipulated by man, such as by changing the day of worship to the wrong day of the week?  If it has been manipulated, we must ask ourselves, why?

There are answers.

They might be found within Aleister Crowley's famous title, Magic (Book 4), which teaches about Western Occultism, numerology, and the significance of the Number 4, among many others.  You might also notice this change in 'day of worship' came in a year that adds up to 13 in numerology, and if you take it one step further, 4.  The transfer also came in the year 364 AD, which was in the 4th Century.  Could it be, a master plan was once achieved, hijacking Christianity, and taking it to the dark side?  When you start to see that nearly every nation to participate in the first two world wars was a Christian nation, you start to see that perhaps, it has been hijacked, and become the religion of war and Occultism, without most Christians ever being aware of this sinister takeover.

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